Through all the ups and downs that life offers you, at one point you need to choose to be happy. Happiness has got more merits to offer in life. And that is why you always need to find a way to re frame your thoughts, challenges and other experiences into a way that can bring about joy instead of negativity. Take for example when you encounter a problem, when you put it in your mind that its a big problem and begin to doubt your capabilities, you will surely not solve it. However, when you believe in your ability to handle the problem, your brain opens up and you will as well be at peace because you know that you are capable.

Each individual hopes for a happy and better life and that is the reason you would find that most people seek different ways in which they think they can achieve contentment and that sense of joy. Happy people are normally characterized by so many traits and the following are common;

1. They are always full of gratitude

Most individuals who understand happiness would tell you that, if you wanted to be more happier, always learn to show gratitude for everything. However, small they are, the moment you choose to always be grateful you will experience happiness. Showing gratitude, makes you lean on concentrating on the things that you have and not concerning yourself of what you lack.

Anytime that you appreciate what is on the table, you encourage positivity, however, if you concern yourself with what you do not have and leave out the things that you are privileged to have you usher in negativity which is not in any case associated with happiness.

Moreover, the more you are grateful, the more you work harder to achieve that which you wish for.

2. They anticipate for the best

Happy people never look down upon themselves, they always hope for the best and trust that they are capable to change things to the better. Even when times are bad for them, they never lose hope, they always maintain a positive mindset in every situation. These people understand that if they let their hopes diminish, they will be attracting negative situations. And with negativity, they can never be able to forge ahead, dream big, be motivated, nor achieve that which they had planned.

Negative emotions or rather pessimists, always have a hard time overcoming hard situations, believing in themselves or even hoping for the best. These people are ever prone to failures and demotivation which kills their urge to work harder.

Learn to always hope for the best in life, and positive things shall always follow through for you.

3. They never miss out on indulging in what they are best at

What you are good at is more rewarding than any other work.Most stories of happy people are centered on the fact that they give priority to what they are good at. However tight their time is, say going to a 9-5 job, they always create time to build that which they are good at. Keep in mind that, motivation is at par when you are doing something you are good at and loving it.

Building something you are good at, can help you earn more and even you would find most people quitting their awful jobs to do that which they love. These people are rarely sad because their body and mind are where their heart is.

4. They understand that no one is perfect

One aspect of unhappy is that they mostly concentrate on being perfect when there is no such thing.They try so hard to be loved by everyone, to please others all in an attempt to achieve perfection.

The moment you learn that, perfection does not exist, then you will be more happy with yourself, you will learn to appreciate they way you are and concentrate on being happy. Moreover, you learn to embrace your flaws and imperfections. Thus you will never allow anyone to put you down since you know your worth and value. Whatever people will say behind your back, will never impact you negatively because you already found yourself and you live by your principles.

5. In every opportunity that they have, they find happiness and choose to live by it

Happiness is a choice and is from within. For happy people, they choose to be grateful and thus maintain their happiness, they are also very optimistic about everything in life thus attracting positivity. They also choose to take part in what they are good at rather than straining their bodies and minds in the things they find rather boring and that’s what keeps them joyous. All the above decisions are an individual’s choice. One individual in an hard situation can choose to be unhappy and negative with the scenario while another can choose to be optimistic and thus finds the motivation to go about the hard situation.

Happy people always choose to be happy no matter what.


The more positive in life you are , the happier you will always be. All the above characteristics, the moment you adopt them will always lead you to one point in life, and that is being happier.

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