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Most people would wake up feeling so cranky. And would ask themselves what the cause would be, they forget that their poor sleeping patterns could contribute to it. Aside this, there so many other factors that could easily ruin your sleep. Thus the essence of adopting some of the following routines.

1. Wearing loose clothes to bed

This actually contributes to having one of the best sleep you could ever have. So many people easily ignore this especially after a long day’s work. Instead of taking their time to get into something they are comfortable with, they just rush to bed with the ones they had. This causes you to wake up feeling exhausted. The clothes you were in, made you uncomfortable as a result you tossed and turned trying to find the right sleeping posture but couldn’t. It is very necessary that you find very cosy attire to wear before you retire to bed. Do not make your sleep boring by disregarding the essence of slouchy garments.

2. Washing off your make-up

For your skin to breath normally, it is essential that you wash your face before bed, especially those that have make up on. No matter how tired you could be, this is necessary so as to avoid issues like acne breakouts. This also helps in maintaining cleanliness of the sheets and pillow cases, and not waking up to a stained environment. Washing your face gives you a peace of mind thus a good night sleep.

3. Visiting the toilet to relieve yourself

One of the worst mistakes that one can do is to ignore their call of nature, whatever the type. It can actually ruin your sleep if you do not attend to it. Which usually happens during the peak hours of slumber. If you interrupt your sleep during these hours, it would be hard to go back to it. And, even if you do, you will still feel cranky in the morning, as though you were deprived some of your sleep.

4. Switching off the lights

Unless you love them, these do not do you any good at night. All it does is keep you awake and increase the room temperature, making it very uncomfortable to fall asleep. There is so much comfort and urge to sleep in the darkness than in the light. Maximize and enjoy your sleep by switching off your lights. And you will realize that, the darkness is an essential ingredient to good sleep.

5. Muting or switching off your phone

Your phone has got both good and bad sides. One of the reason why it is bad in bed, is that it eats up most of your sleep hours. It could through too much social media, calls, or chats. There is time for everything, and once you decide that it is time to sleep, you need to get rid of all the things that could distract you. Get your phone as far away from you as possible so that you can have adequate and uninterrupted sleep.

6. Wearing warm socks for those with cold feet

If you had a chat with an individual who has cold feet, they would tell you that it is hard to get sleep when your feet are still freezing. So, in order to curb this, you need to keep them as warm as possible so that once you get to bed, you do not struggle to find sleep.

7. Brushing your teeth

Well, this is a routine that most people have adopted, however, there are some who have not. Brushing your teeth makes you feel fresh and helps improves mouth hygiene. Going to bed feeling fresh gets you relaxed and thus ready to sleep.

8. Washing your legs especially those with smelly ones

Any odour is an enemy of sleep. You do not want to disturb your awesome sleep by allowing smelly feet to ruin your ability to have a peaceful night. Ensure that you wash your feet and maintain general hygiene so that you can be able to have a pleasant sleep.

9. Covering your head when you have long hair

Long hair can be quite a distraction from good sleep. You easily become so uncomfortable. So, whenever, you have long hair ensure that they are well wrapped before you retire to bed. Ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, so that you can exhaust and enjoy your sleep.

10. Taking a bath just before snuggling in bed

Have you ever wondered whether there is something called “sleeping like a baby”? Well, I have. And it does exist. It usually happens when you take a warm bath just before bed. During this instance, you do not look for sleep, it tries to find you by itself. For those who feel cold, you will feel warm, and your eyes will begin to close by themselves. You should try this sometime! It won’t work for everyone, but it will for most.


Sleep is one of the most essential things in any individual’s life. It is what helps your mind to keep functioning as it should. With inadequate sleep, you pose a risk to your vital organs. You cannot come up with sound decisions if you are sleep deprived, which results in poor performance among other important stuff.

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