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Have you been wondering why you do not always meet the day’s targets? Well maybe you should change your morning routine for the better. Below are some of the ideas you should implement in the morning.

1.Never snooze your alarm

If you set an alarm to wake up at a certain point in time, then make sure that you are up at that time. Once you snooze the alarm you will be dismantling your day’s schedule.

2.Get up and head for the bathroom

Ensuring that the moment you are up you head to the bathroom will help fight all the residual sleep that would have made you turn back to bed. It is one way of fighting the temptation of going back to bed.

3.Do not wake up to your phone in the morning

When you set an alarm and wake up, do not start to use your phone while still at bed. Do not be tempted to go on Facebook and those other social platforms. Most people are victims of this, instead of heading for the bathroom once they are up, they delve into their phones to check what is trending. This is a bad habit as it can make you stray from the day’s purpose.

4.Make sure that you drink water on an empty stomach once you are up

This promotes body hydration and increases your brain alertness which is fit for the day’s work.

5.Do some exercises before you head for the bathroom

Exercise are good for promoting body fitness, and oxygen circulation thus providing the necessary energy to work.

6.Ensure that you do some stretching once you are up

Promotes muscle flexibility as well as relieving the body of stress. Always works as a charm in communicating to the brain that you are now up.

7.Prepare and take breakfast

A nice breakfast does well in providing the body with the energy it needs to work. When you skip breakfast, you will have a tendency of getting tired easily which could lead to dizziness as a result of low energy levels. Check; Ways of getting things done even with apathy.


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