Marriage is a big deal and you need to do some thorough assessments before you commit to somebody. Here are a few tips on what you should be looking for;

Appreciates your efforts; Be with someone who understands what you have done throughout the day and appreciates your work and is ready to lend you a hand.

Tells you about their dreams; An individual who includes you in the plan, shows that he is ready to be with you to the extend of telling you their long term plans.

Supports your career; Give a chance to a person who asks you about your goals and dreams ad supports you through them. This shows that they care for you and loves you.

Never tires of saying they love you; Be with somebody who tells you that they love you even when situations are not as smooth as possible. This shows that they are determined and will love you no matter the situation.

Considers your opinion when making decisions; An individual who asks for your opinion when deciding on something show that they care for you and your ideas. This depicts that in whatever conclusion they reach they will always include you. Marriage is between two people not one.

One who is faithful to you; Marriage is a very long commitment and you should never compromise your happiness for it. Marry someone who can empathize and do good by you.

One who never wants you to change and loves you for who you are; Marry an individual who values you for who you are not one who wants to change you.

You trust and trusts you completely; Marry someone who you know is reliable and will never allow anything to harm you. A person who is always there for you.

Whose actions speak louder than words; Be with an individual whose actions show that they really love you and not just by talk.

Who understands your needs and care for you; You need an individual who understand your deeper feeling, what satisfies you and what does not.

Who is open to you/communicates everything with you; Be with somebody who can tell you what is wrong and what they do not like not someone who pretends to like what they don’t really like.

Who never gets bored with you; Never marry someone who often gets bored with you. Give a chance to somebody who sees you to be fun.

Understands your weaknesses and does not demean you for them; An individual who knows your weaknesses and still love you for that is worth to be a marriage partner.

Respects you and knows your boundaries; Let a person who knows what hurts you most when talked about and what brightens your day when discussed be by your side and gauge how they handle these situations.

Knows how to say sorry when they make mistakes; You do not need someone who will always shift the blame when they make mistakes. Be with someone who apologizes when they are wrong.


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