It is not a hard thing to find yourself being idle. Just wake up whenever you feel like, and do nothing constructive and your wish of being idle shall come to pass. Being idle encompasses laziness, lack of determination, focus and lack of goals. So many people find themselves being idle on daily basis. An unfortunate thing about this is when you become comfortable with the situation, it will be hard for you to come out of it. Anyway, for someone who knows that they have to be up early to work so that they can be able to pay rent, provide food and clothing, this should not be an issue.The following reasons actually sum up as the man reasons why you are idle.

1. You never try to find ways that you can be useful

Work is ever available for one who wants to engage in some. Trying and attempting to find something to do does not always go futile. If you want to be useful, you can easily find what to do. Having 24 hours in a day is a whole lot of time to find yourself anything constructive to do. However, if you just sit around thinking that work will look for you, then you will wait forever. If you want to do something, then make efforts about that thing. The funny thing is that, when you do not find ways to be useful, there will be so many ways that can make you idle the whole day, for example, sleeping, browsing through social media and watching movies all day.All this could be fun to you at the time, but they got negative impacts on your life.

2. You are comfortable with your situation

Someone who is conscious and cares about their future would not sabotage it by being idle. And, whenever they find themselves in such a situation they would try find ways to come out of it. However, for someone who just keeps sitting on the situation as it is, then there wouldn’t be any help they can acquire to change their state. It is so much harder to get out of a certain situation when you become comfortable with it. The reason being, your mind begins to think just as the state you are in, coming up with no solutions but rather ways to keep staying in the same situation. Do not let your mind be so idle that it can no longer think of a way forward.

3. The environment you were brought up in did not encourage you to busy

Actually most people would not think that the environment they were brought up in affects the way they think and act, but it does. The people you hang out with could determine entirely how you do things in the future. For example, if you had guardians who never pushed you into dreaming of having a better life or rather instill the act of working in you, then you might just turn out lazy and idle. Life is molded from the word go, just like manners that are instilled when the child is still so young so that they can grow with it. When a child is spoon fed, they will never know how to hustle for themselves once they are grown up. Each individual needs to be taught at some point in life, the values needed to fend for self, they need to learn that not everything is easy and served in a silver platter. However, work is needed if you want to reap more.

4. You lack reasonable goals

Most people do not fail because they do not have goals but rather lacks reasonable goals. When we talk of goals, everyone has them, however, only a few have sound ones. at any time that you look at the goals you have set, you must have achieved some, but if you happen not have achieved any, then you need to go back to the drawing board and re-write them. For someone who has got sensible targets, they would not find it hard to utilize their time. In fact, being idle to them is a myth. You need to set goals that can wake you each morning and give you the motivation to manage your time well.

5. Your priorities are misplaced

What are the things that you usually prioritize on daily basis? Ask yourself this question! Well, to many, it would be exercise, work and then maybe games and entertainment stuff. However, if yours begin with watching movies and sleeping, then you might wanna look into your life well. It is not a bad thing to do the above but do it at the right time, not when you are supposed to be working. Do not prioritize things that do not add value to your life nor your schedule, find and do things that will bring you positive results in the near future.

6. You never make sound decisions

Sound decisions are those that which prompt a bold move from you. A move to do something better about your life. Idle people never decide fully on what they want to do with their life, because if they did, then they wouldn’t be so idle. Do not just follow the wave of the day, because it will lead you nowhere. If you do this, anything that arises through the day, you will want to be part of, and end up wasting precious time. Learn to control your body in a way that it will go in sync with the decisions that you make each day, especially your mind.

7. You are a pessimist that is why you never try anything out

Those people that are always negative about life, usually get stuck in the same level of life for long, the reason being, they never take risks because they are always hoping for the worst in most things.When you let your mind be controlled by negative thoughts then your outlook of life will also be negative. You would find most idle people to be pessimistic. Because, many at times when approached by optimistic persons about certain projects, they soon reach a conclusion of how the project will fail before they even try it out. But in case they had a positive outlook of life, they would have engaged in so many projects that would get them busy and better their future.

8. You let your creativity be doomed

The moment you get comfortable with being idle you let your mind relax(in a bad way) instead of being useful. The mind was generally made to be creative, but when left just sitting around, the creative capacity tends to depreciate with time. And, when this happens the cycle of idleness in your life will keep going because the mind will be stuck in that state, so will your life unless you decide to do something about it. Allow your mind to navigate around and help you find a way to be useful.

9. Generally you are not willing to work

Another way to put this is , you are lazy. Even when work is available, you are not ready to work, you actually are contented with the idle way you are living. You just want to engage in the things that do not add value to your life, than working tirelessly to better your life. An individual that is willing to work, will not stop until they find something that they can do to make themselves useful.


Life is not so fair to many people, and it is so much worse for idlers. Learn to be useful in one way or another, aspire to make your life better. Make a bold decision to move from one level to another. One thing you should remember on not being idle is not overworking yourself, you need to be happy and that ain’t found in working beyond your capability.

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