As far as worry and stress is normal in any individual’s life, too much of it brings about problems and disappointments. It impairs a lot of things in your life if you concentrate on them. It is as though most people have not realized the consequences of it, that is why they keep letting worry ruin their life gradually. The following are a sample of the ill-effects of worry and stress.

1. Leads to family wrangles

Worry results in fights more often. For example, those who are in a relationship, if one experiences stress, they will probably be unhappy for the better part of the day. And as a result, there will be less communication between them and their partner. This will definitely agitate the person who had all their moods up high. As a result, one will be asking questions and the other will be unwilling to answer. These creates problems and in many other scenarios also.

2. Causes loss of beauty

Too much stress and worry kinda makes you look a little older even if you are young. Am not saying that being old is bad, but for a young person to have too much wrinkles on their forehead due to too much frowning is not pleasant either. Another aspect, is that people who are often stressed, never have the urge to tidy themselves up, no make up and shaggy clothes is their swag.

3. Results to health problems

Too much stress not only leads to depression but also diseases like high blood pressure, and cardiac arrest. These kind of illnesses are not good at all. With the medication it requires, it will definitely take a toll on finances as well as time. Learn to always evade worry so that you can prevent such diseases.

4. Promotes addiction to bad habits

One most common habit that most people resought to when they are stressed is drug abuse. You would find somebody drinking too much all in an attempt to drown their worries. However, as it dawns the next day, the same worries will still be lingering around. This is by far not the way to go. Find other ways to deal with stress rather than ruining your body.

5. Impoverishes friendships

Most stressed individuals have probably experienced this. The moment you develop a habit of showing that you are stressed all the time, most of your allies will start avoiding you. The reason is they see you as a baggage they cannot deal with anymore. They think that you are trying to act the victim as though they do not have problems too. Friendship is about balance, there are happy times and sad times. Do not be the one to always bring the bad news.

6. Leads to poor self esteem

Self esteem is mostly associated with positive people. And for individual to be stressed/worried it means that they have been harboring negative thoughts for long. Poor self esteem, tends to creep in when you are most vulnerable and as a result makes your situation worse. However, when you are optimistic, you are able to fight against negativity gradually and eventually succeed.

7. Diminishes social skills

Who would want to mingle and meet new people when they are stressed? Well, no one, except an individual who is really trying to overcome their worries by all means. For a fact, not most worried people would do this. In most cases, they do not even want to be seen in that vulnerable situation. So, all they do is resent their own company and wallow in sadness.

8. Ruins moods

Moods change according to how you feel on the inside. So if you wake up feeling stressed, you will definitely have a bad mood until you figure out and handle what is stressing you. As a result of poor moods, nothing will seem to spice your day. All you will see and experience is boredom.

9. Promotes poor productivity

Most people who have worked while stressed have registered a lower performance. The reason for this is that worry drains a lot of energy from your body. And once you embark on work, you won’t have any energy left to make sound decisions, think critically and implement plans. So, if you left worry aside, you would be more productive and happy.


From the above pointers, you realize that worry makes your life miserable from all the aspects. Hence, you need to find ways to help you deal with worry and have a life full of fun.

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