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Many people tend to struggle with keeping time. All they do is make excuses of why they did not manage to do this or that. It is not an easy task trying to manage time, it takes a lot of discipline and determination. If you really want to know if you are a poor time manager, consider the factors below. In case they are familiar to you, then yo u know the reason.

1. Rushing

This is a common trait portrayed by poor time managers. Take for example, that there is a planned meeting somewhere. Then when it is almost time to start the meeting, you are found hurrying trying to beat the stipulated time. This is a clear indication that you did not plan your time well. A good time manager, would ensure that they are off to the meeting early enough so that in case of any delays on the way, they will still be on time.

2. Procrastination

This is the act of delaying even the most urgent tasks. A good time manager would give priority to work on stuff that require immediate and action and handle other later without having to postpone any. The habit of procrastination emerges when you lack a clear plan on how you will handle your tasks and at what time. To curb this, you need to learn to come up with a sound schedule on how you will handle your tasks well.

3. Tardiness

Are you known for not being on time? Well, if you always find yourself late to meetings and any other events then you must be a poor time manager. Another instance of tardiness is portrayed where you are usually the one who gets ready the last. Everyone gets ready and has to wait for you to be done. This is a sure sign of time management, because if you knew you would be slow, you would wake up early and prepare.

4. Lack of patience

Often, impatience arises when you are probably late for/with something. It surfaces when you are trying to beat a deadline. Which is mostly as a result of excessive procrastination, delays thus encouraging too much pressure to complete them as the stipulated completion date nears. To prevent this, learn to manage the time that you have well and stop procrastination.

5. Incomplete tasks

Allocating certain tasks a time that you need to complete and you do not do it means that you got poor time management skills. No matter how small the tasks is, but still do not get to finish it, then it is a sign of that you do not know how to utilize their time efficiently.

6. Laziness

Laziness is a result of lacking what to do with your time. If you find yourself lazying around it means that your tasks are not a priority. Lethargy says a lot about how you manage your time.

7. Not meeting deadlines

If you are always in support of delay/postponing something then it means you have a problem using your time as expected. Good time managers would want to be done with what they are doing and then move on to the next thing. They do not procrastinate or delay their tasks.

8. Often complaining about time

Those who are fond of blaming the time are poor in utilizing it. All they know to do is give excuses about the time that they have the power to use the way they want to. You can’t change time, but you can change the way spend it. Blaming time means you do not know how to manage it.

9. Idleness

Do you find yourself idle at times? Then it is a clear indication that you have poor time management skills. Good time managers have tasks to complete during certain times. They do not just sit around wasting their time doing nothing.


Poor time management usually lies on you. The reason being, you are the one to determine how you utilize it. If you misuse it, it’s all on you, and if you decide to maximize it, then you will experience better results. Learn to always use your time well.

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