Moods can be managed, and often lies on you to decide. You can either decide to be happy or sad, however, this does not mean that you can always control this. There are times when these moods tend to take control of the moment, that you find yourself grumpy, maybe as a result of something that happened to you or one that you did. There are undoubtedly some triggers that could kill your moods, and they include the following;

1. Listening to depressing music

Most people when they are sad, they tend to listen to sorrowful music, thinking that it will somehow help them in a way. However, what it does is leave you wallowing in sorrow. So, depressing music is a key trigger to getting your moods crashed, because it causes you to feel sorry for yourself hence giving you a reason to be more unhappy and miserable.

2. Boredom

Boredom is actually one of the biggest trigger, I have never heard an individual say they are happy after getting bored the whole day. In fact, it is the most unpleasant ordeal one can experience. It even affects your productivity in anything you want to do. There is no psyche at all when trying to accomplish anything. Weariness, hits up to the core and renders you sad during all this time.

3. Overworking thus leading to exhaustion

For every person there is a limit of working, hence when you hit the restriction point, you are bound to experience exhaustion. And as a result, your moods tend to change. I can’t imagine having a happy face while you are very tired. It is hard and straining.

4. Being with people who do not appreciate you

sadness tends to leap in when you are in a group that undermines you. Having all the attacks coming at you, is not an awesome experience. It shatters the hope and happiness in you. And, when this happens, all that comes to you is sorrow. Well, if you think a group does not accept you, then quit, save your esteem and keep your hopes high.

5. Forgetting something important

Have you ever gone somewhere, then on the way you realize you forgot something essential, and you have to turn back and get it. Yet time is also catching up with you, it makes you confused on where to begin and end. There are so many things that get compromised when this happens and that is why you find most people getting pissed in such instances.

6. Engaging in something you do not like

Have you ever gone to a restaurant to order some food, and on reaching there, you get the feeling of trying out something that never enticed you somewhere else. All with the hopes that they make it better. The food is served, then it dawns on you that, you really do not like that type of food, but since you’ve ordered you ought to eat or just leave, as in the end you will still pay for it, no matter your decision. This actually is one of the worst mood killers.

7. Having high expectations for someone only to disappoint you

Am quite sure everyone can relate to this. Take for example an individual you have been friends with and have trusted for a long time, and in the end they steal from you. This shatters every bone in your body, pains more than anything.

8. Harboring regrets

Well, regrets do not help even a bit, all it does is keep you feeling bad. The moment you begin to have regrets regarding anything in your life is when stagnation kicks in. This is because you will never have the chance to wake up and do better. You can never be happy if you cling to regrets, all you can do is be sad.

9. Wasting time on social media

Social media is a great place to get updated, socialize and refresh your mind. However it has its downfalls too, for example wasting of precious time. At times you find that you do not accomplish the things you had in mind to do, because you misused all your time in social media instead of doing something constructive. This can ruin your moods easily.

10. Waking up late when you planned to wake up early

Actually in general, planning something to do and not doing it, especially something important, can easily render you feeling bad. When you wake up late, there is no guarantee tasks will be completed, instead, there will be so much lagging. This will get you unhappy but if you are smart enough, it will act as a lesson to you.

11. Lack of money

Money ought to be sought, and sometimes some people are not lucky enough to have any. Waking up to this, could really have a negative toll on you and you would often find a broke person feeling sad. Thinking of all the things you could get with your money, and since you do not have enough, you are left wondering what to do.

12. Looking forward to getting something then boom, nothing

Have you ever followed up on a promising deal from the start until it nears the end, it does not pull through? Well, the feeling is painful and sorrowful. After all the time and money invested, everything comes crumbling back.

13. Thinking of past painful moments

Those who have had a trying past can attest to the fact that, thinking of what you went through in the past, is kinda like inflicting a fresh wound.It brings back all the bad memories and in a second, sadness creeps in.

14. Comparing yourself to others

When you do not value who you are and start comparing yourself to others, you will never get to be happy, as you can never measure up to be anyone but yourself. Stop shattering your self confidence, esteem and ruining your moods through assimilation. Find your worth within you and live your life to your potential.

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