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Women are most known for cooking. Not that men don’t but every woman has to know how to prepare something, even if it is just boiling water, that is fine. As a result there are those things you will never miss in a woman’s kitchen, even if they do not love to cook.

1. Cooking pot/Sufuria

You can never miss this in any kitchen. Even if it just foe boiling water, this is an essential kitchen necessity for everyone. Quite a tip for anyone looking to start a living on their own.

2. Knife

You can never lack what to cut in the kitchen. Be it something you bought or one you prepared in the house. Even if you do not intend on cutting anything anything, this a must have.

3. Spoon

You ought to scoop something in your kitchen right? Well, and I suppose you do not intend to use your hand. Consider, the spoon as a priority too then. Go buy as many as you can afford.

4. Cup and plate

These utensils have a major role in the kitchen. The plate for holding solid food and the other good in holding drinks.

5. Sieve

A sieve is good in many ways. It helps you get rid of unwanted stuff in your drinks.

6. Jug

The jug is good at fetching and holding things which makes it an important kitchen necessity.

7. Kitchen towel

Spilling stuff is a kitchen thing. So be ready to wipe using a kitchen towel and everything will be as good as new.

8. Food

It is called the kitchen for many reasons especially because that is where most of the food can be found. Ensure you have some stuff to cook as everyone is bound to get hungry at any point in time.

9. Stove

Cooking only happens when there is fire. Equip your kitchen with a cooker/jiko and stove that will help you prepare that food.

10. Pan

This will help you in frying fast food. For example eggs, pancakes and any other food that requires a pan.


There are so many other things that everyone requires in their kitchen but the above are a never miss. You can add more things but in the end, you will realize that you must still have the above.


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