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For those who have already created their PayPal account, or rather had it before, it is always good to have it linked to the easiest way you can get your money. So, if you are looking to get paid through PayPal, you can have it linked to your M-Pesa . This will ensure that your money, the moment it has been dispersed, you can withdraw it to your M-Pesa direct. Awesome, right?

Linking your PayPal Account to M-Pesa

Since this is one of the best ways to easily access your money, lets delve into actually linking both PayPal and M-Pesa. The following steps will guide you throughout the process;

Step 1. Open PayPal to M-Pesa in a new tab on your Browser then Hit Log In

In order to actualize the linking process, you need to search in your browser for PayPal to M-Pesa and you will be met with a menu as follows; On this, click on Log In to continue.

Step 2. Agree on the Terms and Conditions

On hitting log in, you will be met with some terms and conditions that you are required to read, then click on agree to proceed to the next step as follows;

Step 3. Enter your Mobile Number then click on Link accounts

The next step is to input your mobile number, the one you intend to link it with your PayPal account and once you are done, you can now link accounts. A menu will appear as follows;

Step 4. Enter the confirmation code sent by your service Provider then hit confirm

A code will be sent to your mobile number, of which you need to feed it on the blank space provided as follows, so that you can proceed further.

Step 5. Confirm if the link is successful

To know that the process was a success, a text like the one shown below will pop up.

The above, shows that the process has been completed. However, you can also check if your PayPal account has been linked with your M-Pesa. This is done by going to M-Pesa app on your Phone, Lipa na M-Pesa, then Pay Bill, input 800088 as your business number, followed by phone number as your account number. As a result, you will get an SMS to confirm the above.


We hope this article helps you out on your journey to linking your PayPal Account to M-Pesa. This will get your transactions much faster. Money that would get to your bank account in days will be in your M-Pesa within 2-3 hours.


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