1.Never compete with anyone; Everyone has their own goals and path to follow. Always learn to stick to your lane and aspire to be very productive. Whenever yo try and compete with others, you will be in no position to concentrate on that which you are working on because you will be busy checking what your competitor is doing.

2.Ensure that if you are earning, save and make an attempt to invest before you expend; Always find something to do that can earn you a living. Once you are able to earn, save and before you spend put it in your mind that you need to find ventures to invest in so that you can double your profits.

3.Stay away from toxic individuals; Toxic people will never add any value to your life. They will always want to put you down. hey do not believe in you, nor support you and they do not want to see you prosper. Check; People you should keep and people you should avoid.

4.Pursue your goals relentlessly; This is your life, you need to take charge and realize your goals and pursue them. This is because whatever you want, you have to work for it in order to achieve.

5.Aspire to develop good habits that shape your future; Check; Norms for greater life. There are so many habits that can help you to realize your purpose in life. Read on; Habits worth adopting.

6.Be positive always; Journey to success is not an easy one. You need to be positive so that during hard times, you are able to bounce back.


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