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On this tutorial we are going to look at how to install VirtualBox 6 with extension pack on macOS Big Sur. VirtualBox 6 is the latest version of VirtualBox currently, it enables you to have more than one virtual machine on your system. You could choose to have MX Linux, Windows and Pop OS at the same time on your macOS with a VirtualBox. An extension pack gives a VirtualBox more functionality hence able to perform better. These functionalities include, support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices.

Install VirtualBox 6 with Extension Pack on macOS

By the end of this article, you will have known how to install VirtualBox 6 with extension pack on macOS, so follow through to the end. First on this tutorial, we will focus on how to install VirtualBox 6 on macOS then after, we will look at how to install extension pack on VirtualBox 6.

Below are the steps on how to instal virtualBox 6 on macOS;

Step 1. Download VirtualBox for macOS

Visit the VirtualBox website, then browse for the one that is compatible with the macOS system, then tap on it to download. Just like as shown below, our choice will be on the OS X hosts;

When you tap on the OS X hosts, a .dmg file will be downloaded to your macOS system.

Step 2. Tap on the downloaded file to verify and install

Once the download is over, tap on the file that has been downloaded .dmg so as to verify and choose the way you want to install the VirtualBox onto your system. A window will pop up, prompting you to install either by double clicking the icon or running it from the application folder. Double click on the VirtualBox.pkg, thus starting the installer.

Step 3. Finish Installation of VirtualBox 6 on macOS

When you tap on the .pkg file on the previous step, the installer will be started, follow the installation window wizard by tapping on continue to the end, then touch on your touch ID or password to finish the installation. Once you successfully install VirtualBox 6 on maOS, you will see something like this;

Tap on close and on the next window click on keep and you are good to go. Hence you will have been able to install virtualBox 6 on macOS.

On the next part we will continue to look at how to add the extension pack in virtualBox 6 on macOS, the steps are as follows;

Step 4. Download the VirtualBox extension pack onto your macOS system

On the same virtualBox website, scroll down to where it has been indicated VirtualBox 6.x Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. Tap on the link written all supported platforms to download the extension pack. Below is an image of the same;

Wait for the download to finish then proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Launch VirtualBox 6 on macOS and add extension pack

To launch virtualBox, you can use the CLI or UI. Via the CLI, just type;


From the UI, open the launch pad, then search VirtualBox, then click on it to open. Once it is open, tap on the preferences, then proceed to extensions, then choose the package you want to add by browsing, once you have selected it, tap on OK and you will have successfully added the extension pack to VirtualBox. Just like as shown;

Choose the package you want to add by tapping + icon. Select the one you need and proceed to click OK.

The process on how to install virtualBox 6 with extension pack on macOS Big Sur is quite easy as shown on the steps above, all you need to do is follow them to the later. Now since everything has been set up, you can now proceed to install some VMs on your virtualBox.

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