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How can one install MPV from Windows command line interface, is a question that lingers in many minds. Or perhaps how to install an application from the Windows command line interface? If you find yourself asking this questions, then you definitely ought to be introduced to some of the awesome command line installers for Windows such as scoop and chocolatey. What these two do, is to save you from going to each and every download page of an application you want to install. You just have to type the name of the application after the name of the Windows package manager.

On this article I am going to show you how to install MPV from Windows command line using scoop. MPV is an open source media player for the command line. It works on many operating systems, such as Windows and Unix. Below is a step by step process on how you can install MPV from Windows command Line interface using scoop;

Install MPV from Windows Command Line Interface

Before we get further into the article, lets first refresh our memory on how to work with scoop.

  • Step 1. Check if you got scoop on your Windows Operating System

Open the command line and type scoop help;

scoop help

The command line output;

C:\WINDOWS\system32>scoop help
Usage: scoop <command> [<args>]

Some useful commands are:

alias       Manage scoop aliases
bucket      Manage Scoop buckets
cache       Show or clear the download cache
checkup     Check for potential problems
cleanup     Cleanup apps by removing old versions
config      Get or set configuration values
create      Create a custom app manifest
depends     List dependencies for an app
export      Exports (an importable) list of installed apps
help        Show help for a command
hold        Hold an app to disable updates
home        Opens the app homepage
info        Display information about an app
install     Install apps
list        List installed apps
prefix      Returns the path to the specified app
reset       Reset an app to resolve conflicts
search      Search available apps
status      Show status and check for new app versions
unhold      Unhold an app to enable updates
uninstall   Uninstall an app
update      Update apps, or Scoop itself
virustotal  Look for app's hash on
which       Locate a shim/executable (similar to 'which' on Linux)

Type 'scoop help <command>' to get help for a specific command.

From the output above, we see that we got scoop on our system. And since we want to use this Windows package installer to install MPV.

  • Lets check what the command scoop install can do by typing scoop help install;
scoop help install

The output is as shown below;

C:\WINDOWS\system32>scoop help install
Usage: scoop install <app> [options]

e.g. The usual way to install an app (uses your local 'buckets'):
     scoop install git

To install an app from a manifest at a URL:
     scoop install

To install an app from a manifest on your computer
     scoop install \path\to\app.json

  -g, --global              Install the app globally
  -i, --independent         Don't install dependencies automatically
  -k, --no-cache            Don't use the download cache
  -s, --skip                Skip hash validation (use with caution!)
  -a, --arch <32bit|64bit>  Use the specified architecture, if the app supports it

-For the usual way to install an app, we use;

scoop install (APPNAME)

The APPNAME, should be replaced with an app that you find when you do a scoop search, which shows the apps that are available to be installed that way.

  • Step 2. To install an app(MPV) from a manifest at a URL, first, we need to check if it is available on the scoop search, if not, you need to add the MPV bucket to the list, by using;
Scoop bucket add BUCKETNAME

NB/The command above will just add one bucket/list, however you can opt to use the command;

scoop bucket add extras

The scoop bucket add extras has got most of the popular programs, as compared to the scoop bucket add (BUCKETNAME) which only add one specified program to the list.

-For our case, lets use;

scoop bucket add extras

The output is as follows;

C:\WINDOWS\system32>scoop bucket add extras
Checking repo... ok
The extras bucket was added successfully.
  • Step 3. To install mpv from Windows command line interface, you can use;

scoop install mpv

The output is as follows;


scoop install

The above URL is help install MPV from Windows command line interface, and is available on MPV download page. You just copy the link address and paste once you type scoop install.

Uninstall MPV using Scoop

To uninstall MPV, use the following command;

scoop uninstall mpv

The output;

C:\WINDOWS\system32>scoop uninstall mpv
Uninstalling 'mpv' (0.33.0).
Removing shim for 'mpv'.
Removing shortcut ~\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Scoop Apps\mpv.lnk
Unlinking ~\scoop\apps\mpv\current
'mpv' was uninstalled.

Other tricks on Scoop

-To install an app from a manifest at a URL, use

scoop install

-To install an app from a manifest on your computer, use;

 scoop install \path\to\app.json

-To find the path of a binary executable file, use the following command;

scoop search which 

– You can also do multiple app installation by separating them with just space, just like this;

scoop install wget curl grep sed less touch

The output is as follows;

NB/ You can get git installed by using the following command;

Git is used to update scoop itself and other applications.

scoop  install git

Below is the output;

-Once git has been installed, to do a scoop update, just use;

scoop update

The output;

-To do update of other applications, use;

scoop update (APPNAME)

Indicate the app you want to update in the APPNAME section.

-To remove/uninstall any package with scoop, just use the following command;

scoop uninstall (PACKAGENAME)


scoop uninstall touch

The output;

As seen above, scoop does all the work for you and in no time your application will be successfully installed.

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