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iTunes is a media player and client app iTunes store. You can install latest iTunes app on Windows by finding the one that is fit for your system. It could be either 32-bit or 64-bit. To do this, you can go to Microsoft store on your system and get it or if you do not find it there, visit Apple support and download the one that is compatible with your Windows system. With iTunes, you will be able to access Apple Music Playlists on your Windows system, could be PC or desktop.

Install Latest iTunes App on Windows

Here, we will look at the two ways in which you can have iTunes installed on your Windows system. Below are the steps;

Step 1. From the Microsoft Store

  • From your Windows System, open your Microsoft store, and search for the app that you want to install, i.e for our case iTunes App. Just as follows, and then tap on get.
  • Wait until the whole process of downloading is complete, then you can launch the iTunes application.

Step 2. From Apple Support

On your browser, open Apple Support and download the iTunes that is compatible with your system as on the site, there are a variety to choose from. Just as shown below;

NB/ They are however not limited to the ones shown on the screenshot above. There are so many versions, all you have to do, is find the one that fits your Windows system and tap on download.

  • Follow the installation wizard to the end, and finally click on install to get the iTunes on to your Windows system. Just as shown;
  • Launch the product once done with the installation and navigate its usage.


The process of downloading and installing the latest iTunes application is quite easy. And to make it more awesome, iTunes itself is easy to use and navigate. Anyone can actually operate it. You just have to make use of the navigation pane and search box.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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