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KDE is a unique and powerful desktop environment available for MX Linux users. When compared to other Desktops available for MX Linux, it can argued that KDE requires more compute resources to run, good deal of user knowledge and experience to customize. In this article we show you how to install and use KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19.x.

We’re going to use the MX Package Installer method (much simpler) or choosing direct apt installation via task-kde-desktop. Follow the steps in next section to install KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19.

Update System

Update all the packages that are installed on the system to the latest releases to avoid any dependency issues.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Also check and apply any minor distribution system updates available.

sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

Consider a system reboot once the upgrades are done.

sudo reboot

Install KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19

The quickest installation method for KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19 is Package Manager path. Start Package Manager application in your Desktop.


Search using keywords “KDE

Choose “KDE” desktop environment and any other package you like.

Use “Install” to begin download and installation process. Accept installation of extra packages by choosing “OK

When asked whether you want to continue answer yes with y key.

Choose default display manager.

KDE and its list of packages will be installed on MX Linux system.

Reboot your machine:

Choose KDE Desktop environment at login screen.

You can confirm MX Linux is booted to KDE Desktop environment on about system.

Enjoy using KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19.

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