It is possible to install iTerm2 terminal on macOS Big Sur, besides the terminal that it comes with by default comes. The default terminal that macOS is shipped with is not as exiting as the others. iTerm2 is a terminal emulator that has been designed specifically for macOS systems. It is known to do amazing things and works on macOS 10.14 or newer versions. The following are the features that iTerm2 comes with;

  • With iTerm2, you get to access split panes, being able to divide a tab into multiple panes is an amazing feature
  • It comes with autocomplete, hence no need to type your commands to the last bit
  • iTerm2 has got hotkey access
  • Comes with a search feature within the terminal, hence you get to access certain commands easily
  • Comes with a copy mode
  • With a paste history, you get to easily access what you just copied and pasted
  • Incase you erase a text, instant replay lets you recover it
  • With a range of options offered, you can configure the terminal however it fits you
  • The 24-bit and 256-color mode gives your terminal an awesome look
  • Comes with the ability to display images right on the terminal

Install iTerm2 Terminal on macOS Big Sur

Having looked at how awesome this iTerm2 can be, now lets check how to install it on macOS system using the following simple steps;

Step 1. Download iTerm2

To download the iTerm2 terminal, visit the iTerm2 site and tap on download just at the bottom of the page. Once the download is done, open the downloaded file and double click on iTerm2 application to open it.

Step 2. Open iTerm2 when prompted

Once you double click to open iTerm2, you will be asked whether to open it, allow to open by tapping on open, just like as shown;

Once upon, a window will appear that prompt you to allow checking of updates either manually or automatically, ensure that you allow automatic checking of updates.

Step 3. Install Developer tools

You also need to allow the installation of developer tools for use by iTerm2. To do so you need to tap on install on the image as shown below and allow the installation to take place until it says “software was installed”.

Once everything is ready iTerm2 will be ready for use, and this is the final result after you choose your theme depending on the shell you are using.

As you can see above, the process to install iTerm2 terminal on macOS Big Sur has been successful.

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