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Wox launcher basically reduces the time used while navigating various applications and programs on your computer. Since Wox is free, you can download and install it anytime, and to make it more awesome is that its usage is easy. You just type what you need and choose among the provided then click and you are in.

Installing and using Wox Launcher on Windows 10

Before you install Wox, you need to first downlad it then run it. The following will guide you through the whole process;

Step 1. Go to Github Page the download Wox Executable File

Visit Github where you will find a Wox launcher, check for releases then one indicated latest. Click on it to open the executable file of Wox, then download it. Just like as shown below;

This will open another page, where you select the files to download.

Both Wox.exe and Everything.exe work together in promoting an awesome functionality of the application.

Step 2. Run both Files for complete Installation of Wox

Ensure that you run the files, so that they can be ready for use. Once both files have been installed, this is what appears on the screen;

Step 3. Launch the Application

To launch the application, you just press Alt+Space, this will open Wox Launcher and you can now use it. Take for example you need to open the control panel, you just input the word control and before you finish typing, Wox will have given various suggestions. Just like as shown below;

As you can see above, the launcher has already completed for us what we needed. So, here you just click on your choice and the program will open. In our case, it was control panel and below is the result;

You see that most of the things get simplified when using Wox launcher. You do not have to search for your applications and programs manually anymore.

Additional Information

  • To launch the app Alt+Space
  • For the context menu Ctrl+0
  • To cancel or return to Home, hit Esc


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