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Caprine Facebook messenger comes with a ton of awesome features. Aside from the night mode it offers, the user also has the ability to block anyone from knowing when they are typing or even seen a message. It also comes with the best user interface, it is so easy to operate and understand. To make more awesome, you just have to sign in with your original Facebook account. This app definitely put in user experience into consideration.

Caprine Facebook Messenger features are summarized below;

  • Caprine adapts when resized
  • You can enable dark mode to improve visibility
  • You have the ability to block people from seeing those you are chatting with, your typing status and when you have seen a message
  • Just like a browser, you can switch from one chat to another
  • You can disable link tracking
  • You can choose not to get notifications from Caprine

These are just a few of the features that Caprine comes with. You will get to know many more as we continue.

Install and Use Caprine Facebook Messenger on Windows 10

This is an application that makes it easy to chat with your contacts on Facebook while on Windows. Lets see how the installation and usage is done;

Step 1. Download the Latest Caprine release

This is usually found on the Github page. You can actually login there and browse for the latest version then download it. The image below shows the new release of Caprine Facebook Messenger as at now. You might find a different version by the time you log in. However, as long as it is indicated latest on the Github page, then that is the one. If you are using windows, ensure that you download the caprine setup.exe.

Step 2. Open Caprine and Log in

Once you have downloaded the latest version of Caprine, it will appear on your desktop as shown;

Double click on it to open, then sign in with using your Facebook credentials and you are in. If you do not have a Facebook account, click on the option not on Facebook.

Step 3. Utilize Caprine

Once you have logged in, a very friendly user interface will open up. Here, you got a lot of options to select and utilize. When you tap on the file option, these are the options that you get to browse on Caprine.

On the view option is where yo find the dark mode.

This application even shows you the keyboard shortcut combinations you can use to reach certain options.

Meaning of certain options

  • Privacy; you can block seen and typing indicator
  • Mute desktop notifications; disable receiving notifications
  • Always on Top; whether Caprine remains on top of other windows
  • Show message Preview; show what the message says before you open it on the notifications
  • Dark Mode; Making Caprine theme dark
  • Show tray icon; helps you to quit the app easily by right clicking on the tray icon

NB/ You can find all the shortcut keyboard keys after each option on Caprine.

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