At times, you are held in a corner and find yourself making desperate moves. It is normal for each individual to be in a hurry to making certain decisions sometime. However, in most cases, you would realize that those rushed things will eventually make you regret your actions. That is why if it is ever possible not to rush in some cases, and at least think about what you are about to do, you should. The following are some of the things you should always contemplate on before doing;

1.Making promises you might not meet

Most people are always bound to making promises when they are happy or when they are sad. They never gauge the effort that they need to put in in order to fulfill the promises they made whether to themselves or others. By the time they realize that they cannot fulfill the promises they made, they are flooded by regrets of not meeting these promises for others or themselves.

2.Falling for somebody

Love is beautiful but it is something that you should always be cautious about before getting involved in. You do not want to commit to someone that might not love you back. Heart break is real and getting your heart broken causes a lot of pain and suffering. To prevent this, you need to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself in.

3.Having kids unless you can provide for them

Kids need to be provided for and thus require an individual who is financially stable in order to meet the needs of the child. Having kids is a beautiful thing to most people, however, the process needs to be looked into before being initiated. Know first how you will provide for those kids before you actually decide to have them.

4.Quitting your job unless you have a well structured way forward

I am not saying that it is a bad thing to actualize a profitable business by quitting a previous job, however, before you quit you need to understand how you are going to make the business work for you, and how you will get by without a stable source of income. Thus it is good to include a fall back plan.

5.Criticizing other people because of their character

This statement is almost the same as judging a book by its cover. There are so many awful scenarios that happen to people around the world. Forcing them to do what they do or behave the way they do, making them an easy target for judgement. At times, they do some weird things in an attempt to get by. But since at the time your life seems smooth you opt to criticize them, when it is never their fault but rather forced by circumstances.

6.Drawing conclusions based on someone’s opinions

In most cases, you get hurt easily because you are too fast to draw conclusions. In life it is important to always listen first before you begin to conclude. There are many instances where people would get hurt by what another individual said, with a different meaning and get mistaken for something else.

7.Fully trusting somebody

Trust is a very important value that you render an individual when you feel that you are safe with them, and are fully dependable and support you in every aspect. You do not get to offer your assurance to random people because if you do, you will easily get hurt by them. Once trust is broken, to begin trusting any other person again is close to impossible. Even those that deserve it will suffer because your heart was once shattered into pieces. The process of gluing those pieces is the hardest part, in fact you might lose yourself doing it.

8.Investing on a certain business

Investments require a lot of money and time. Losing both of these is a big deal and can drag you to a dark moment. Anything that involves the investment of huge amount of money requires a cautious involvement through good planning and proper time management.


Life is a step by step process that requires your calculated moves. If you do not plan you life well, everything easily falls apart.



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