I am quite sure that most people have experienced the consequences of staying in bed until the sun is up. And, very many can attest to the fact that nothing good comes out of it. You are sure to be late for work, get behind your schedule, be confused all day, followed by a pile of regrets and most importantly attract all forms of laziness. All these leads you to being poor forever.

Well, I cannot speak for everyone, because there are those who work night shifts and are bound to wake up a little later than others. However, if you are not in the above category and you find yourself always waking up late, then you need to do something about your sleep pattern and attempt to change the habit. Most successful people, are known to be early risers, because they know that there are more advantages to waking up early than late.

Unless you lack purpose in life and you do not thirst to be successful is when you get comfortable with the habit of being late. All I can tell you is that, time is passing, and you are not getting any younger, you need to get up from that comfort zone and do something about your life, it is never too late, you need to start now. Below are some of the reasons you need to aspire to always get up early.

Moreover, if you are reading this article then most certainly you have been struggling to fight laziness, well you are lucky as you can get tips on how to overcome laziness here. Do not hesitate to check them because the moment you are able to handle laziness then you can be an early riser.

The following are the importance of waking up early;

1. Minimizes morning tension

Waking up late, frustrates your plan thus frustrates your mind too. You tend to try and incorporate all the activities that you would have done if you had woken up early into the little time that is remaining. All the rushing can lead to stress which also negatively affects your whole day as well as the day’s activities, because you will be acting confused.

However, if you wake early, you plan your things as expected. You follow your schedule as planned, because you got plenty of time and as a result you turn out more organized and mentally stable because stress has been minimized.

2. You will be more resourceful

How awesome is it to have adequate time to do your things as planned. This is what actually happens when you are up early, you will have plenty of time to exhaust all the duties planned for the day and as well be able to be mentally fit thus promoting proper concentration, focus and decision making. Decisions made when you are not stressed are more sound because everything is done orderly.

On the other hand, when you wake up late, you are bound to make lots of mistakes because of rushing. You become stressed due to tension and thus leading to poor productivity because of the poor concentration as well as poor decision making.

3. Helps in adopting a better sleep pattern

A normal human being recommended sleep time is eight hours, however, most people would sleep for less or more hours. Anything more than eight hours or less tend to disrupt the recommended time thus negatively affecting the day to day activities or even the mental state of a person.

Most people would find it so hard to adopt the recommended sleep time, however, the moment an individual begins to wake up early say by six o’clock in the morning, a pattern will develop. By sticking to a particular time of waking up early, your body will naturally retire early and you will be obliged to go to sleep early also. With time, this pattern will become a habit and as a result you will have adopted a sleeping pattern.

4. Promotes positivity

How you wake up determines how you will spend your day. When you wake up with a positive mindset then your day will be full of positivity and the vice versa is true. Waking up early for most people is like achieving a target that you have been working on for so long, that is why when you do so, you will be proud of yourself. You will have so many things to be happy for. For example, you will be able to complete your chores early, you will get to work on time and plan yourself well while following your schedule to the later. All these brings about positivity because they are considered to be achievements.

Waking up late however, brings about regrets and negative emotions because there are no achievements made bringing about sadness.

5. Makes you feel that you are headed for the better

Waking up early is among those habits that you have been trying to adopt for so long. And, when you actually get to do it, you begin to feel that you have achieved something. Say you have been working on achieving a certain goal and to do so, you have to start waking up early. The moment you achieve the first step, it gives you confidence that you are headed for the better because you are experiencing some progress.

As a result, you get the motivation to keep going until you have achieved that goal.

6. You get the opportunity to indulge in some self development activities

Apart from a 9-5 job, there are other activities that promote self development. For example doing exercises, exploring an hobby, reading books, developing your side hustle and following your passion. You can never be able to take part in any of the above activities if you are always caught up chasing time. It requires an individual who is well organized and focused. Waking up early, gives you the time that you need to explore all these. Always learn to plan your time well and ensure that you stick to it so that all the activities that you want to do are incorporated in the available time.

7. Promotes better time utilization

When you say that you have utilized your time well, it means that you can be able to account for each time spent doing constructive activities. An organized individual always has a schedule to follow when they wake up regarding their day’s activities. Whenever, you wake up early, you are in a position to realize that you always have plenty of time to spend each day and a disorganized person would be found complaining that they never have enough time to do either this or that. You can be able to utilize your time well when you are up early because you have a chance to exploit all the activities planned for the day.

8. You will have fewer to no regrets

Regrets usually arise in so many areas especially when you fail to meet certain targets because you never worked enough to achieve that goal. Take for example that, on the previous night, you had planned to wake up early and at least post articles in your website before you embarked on your day job. Then unfortunately, you found yourself waking up late and as a results you never get the opportunity to post the said articles. All these can be avoided when you get up early and do all the activities you had planned for with no tension.


Always ensure that you have a reason for getting up early, because it does not help to be early and do nothing constructive. Always plan your tomorrow today.



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