In our daily lives, we do not have the power to control the people we meet and interact with, be it in the washroom, at the mall, in a restaurant or even at the park. Though there are things we can control,each and every individual has their own life, however, some just wake up to a very bad day, having lost their beloved, broken up with their partners/divorce, diagnosed with a terminal illness and even having lost their jobs among other worse situations. This is where kindness comes in, when you are lucky enough to have a nice or a not very bad day, you can at least try to extend that warmth of happiness to the people you encounter, you never know what impact you will have on them. You could even be able to prevent a suicide attempt by clearing the somber mood, as it does not hurt to spread love to others but a blessing.

There are so many random acts of kindness for example;

Sharing a meal with those who do not have; In case, you are eating out with your family or just by yourself and you happen to spot a homeless individual, am quite sure that you won’t go hungry if you gave them a piece of your stake. Most families usually have some food remaining after dinner or any other meal, there are those neighbors that you know do struggle to put food on the table, pack the remainder of the food well and knock on their door. You will have impacted on them positively and you will have established a very good relationship with them.

Donate shoes and clothing that you do not use anymore; There are so many children’s homes in our communities these days. Take your time and collect those attire you do not wear anymore and make a visit to these institutions and spend sometime with them. These kids do need to also be cared for, and if not for the community to do that then they will feel left out.

Smile at someone and make them laugh; William Arthur Ward once quoted that,” A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”, which is actually very true. If you happen to meet someone who seems so down, a simple smile at them could change the rest of their day. A smile has the power to brighten up a grumpy face because it comes from the heart and can easily make someone feel so important and recognized.

Buy lunch for somebody; The person could be someone seated in front of you in a restaurant, a colleague at work or even a friend. In most occasions we see that, these random acts usually seem to read into the situations of an individual. At times you find that on buying lunch for someone, they inform you that they had a few bucks which would not have been enough to buy lunch on that day. You realize that you are a guardian angel to them. The satisfying feeling that comes as a result of helping someone out is so priceless and worth it.

Offer a ride to someone; It could e a disabled person or anyone. Just give them a lift in your car if they are headed your way. It could the person decided to walk because they could not afford the fare or any other reason.

Share your umbrella when it is raining; If your umbrella is big enough let somebody in. Simple acts like these ones help to spread kindness.

Other acts like volunteering at a homeless shelter, visiting the sick in the hospitals, helping the elderly in one way or another, among other good deeds help to spread love and care.

All these acts have positive effects on the people as well as the community.The following are it’s importance;

Smiling at a random person or rather listening to their story and finding a way to help raises their self esteem. Offering help to a person who needed it helps them to realize that they are important and they matter. Even though nobody will reward you for what you do, you will be able to change an individuals outlook about life. Imagine being able to make someone who had suicidal thoughts laugh, their course will not be directed on the suicide path anymore because since you showed up you gave them a meaning in life. And if you happen to understand their situation well and deal with it squarely you will have saved an individual’s life.

Take for instance, stopping someone who felt down and giving them a hug, you won’t imagine the gratitude they will be having towards you. Having a shoulder to cry on when you need it, helps to drive your sorrows away because you will have found someone you feel understands you. It is always good to get up in the morning and have an inspiration to change somebody’s live for the better, if this spirit of kindness can spread to other individuals then our community would be different. We will be able to reduce crime rates as a result of lack because those who have enough will help the poor, reduce of suicides, be in a position to get a job through introductions, among other good results.


Kindness is a deed that can be spread from generations to generations, it is just up to the current generation to teach the young people these acts by acting as role models.

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