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There are some of the traits that as a woman/wife want your husband to possess. More; What women expect from their men.

Marriage is a big deal to the point that you need to always be on the look out and ensure that everything is okay to avoid getting emotionally drained, stressed, feeling neglected and even feeling lost. To be committed to the extend of tying a knot with somebody else, then there must have been a lot of factors that you must have considered to reach that point. Here are some of the traits that you need to watch out for in your husband before things get horrific.

1. Sudden oath of secrecy

If your husband suddenly starts to keep secrets from you for example job promotions and some unexplained cash outflows, then you need to be vigilant. Some even change their phone passwords from the ones you knew so that you won’t be able to access their phones. And when asked about they evade the questions and blame unnecessary things for the act. For someone you have known to be open to you then suddenly decide to keep secrets from you, then something is wrong somewhere and it could be a sign of unfaithfulness.

2. Forgetfulness

Talk of someone you have known to always remember all the important functions that have been planned and lately you have noticed that they remember none of the important days. This could be someone trying to hurt you with the disguise of forgetting. Do not allow anyone to fool you for not attending one of your special occasions with the implication that they forgot. For a person who cares for you, forgetting occasions that are essential to you is a no, no.

3. Over-protectiveness

Yes, there is a certain level of being protective but to the point of knowing where I am at all times is a big no. If your husband cared for you adequately before and the care shifts to a more strict version then the issue of trust might have emerged. You need to look into it because somebody could be trying to cover up their cheating tracks since they feel guilty and they do not want you cheating back.

4. Rampant blaming

If your husband starts to feel that you have started complaining a lot yet your intuition tells you otherwise then something is up. You also tend to notice that when you try to solve something with them, they start to blame you for no reason at all. Then this could be a perfect sign for them trying to find faults in you so that they can find a reason to break up.

Final thoughts

The above traits, could not be a sign of worst events happening that is why you need to critically look into the matter before making any assumptions.

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