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It is very vital to learn how to uninstall applications in your Windows system. Reason being, there are some apps that you happen to install accidentally or knowingly then you later find that they are not useful to you yet they are taking up too much space. Hence, to free up the misused space, you need to get rid of them in your system.

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Uninstall Applications in Windows

The process of uninstalling previously installed applications is one that is straight forward. The process does not take much of your time, you just have to follow the steps shown below and your uninstallation, will be successful.

Step 1. On your Search bar, type Control Panel

To open the control panel, you need to type its name on your task bar search box, then from the results you get, tap on it to open. Just as shown;

Step 2. Click Programs and Features

Once you have opened the control panel, from the list shown i.e in step 1, search and tap on programs and features. Once you open this, a list of currently installed programs will appear. Just like as shown;

Scroll down to review all the programs you have installed.

Step 3. Uninstall Application

Once you have spotted the application you want to uninstall, then proceed to do as you please with it. To uninstall it, right click on the program and choose uninstall. Just like as shown;

Step 4. Allow Windows to Uninstall Application

The Windows system will ask whether you want the application to be uninstalled or not. Tick on where it says yes.


As you can see above, the process of uninstalling an application is not complicated at all. Just in a few minutes, you will be done with the uninstallation process. We hope the guide above helps you while uninstalling those annoying applications on your Windows system.

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