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In windows, resizing images is usually done one after the other. You do not usually get the privilege to re-scale your photos in bulk. As a result, you take up a lot of time working on your images rather than utilizing that time. But with image resizer, everything has been made much easier, why? Because you can actually do the resizing in bulk. You can select a number of images, then resize them at ago.

Features of Image Resizer in Windows

  • With this, you can drag and drop resized images to a new folder
  • You can resize your image to fit a new preset size by configuring to either fill, fit or stretch to a certain size
  • It enables you to change the format of the resized image file name
  • With it, you can also alter the image’s fallback encoder

Resizing Images with Image Resizer in Windows 10

This is a step by step guide that shows you how to re-scale your images to your desired size;

Step 1. Ensure that you have PowerToys Installed

To access image resizer, you go to have the latest PowerToys installed on your computer. Just as it appears below;

Step 2. Open your File explorer

This is an app on Windows operating system that allows you to access your files and folders. It is usually on your task bar. In the File Explorer, head over to where your image folder is. In our case, click on pictures, then daylifetips images. Check below;

Step 3. Open Image folder and select Photos

In our case, we are opening the folder, Daylifetips images, this is where our various images are located. Once you open the image folder, ensure that you select the images you want to resize. Check the image below;

The selected images above are the ones we are going to use on Image resizer.

Step 4. Right click on the Selected Images

When you right click on the selected images, you get a list of options displayed to you. Chose what you want to do with the images then click on the option that is most suitable. For this case, click on Resize pictures;

Step 4. Explore the options on Image Resizer

Once you click on Resize pictures, Image Resizer will appear. You can choose the size, select an option that suits you below it, and when everything is done, click on Resize. This will re-scale your images just as you chose.

Check example below

Among the previously selected images in step 3, included image ABD. On choosing small in size like in step 4, this is the image’s dimension after resizing it;

Original image;

Resized image;

From the example above, you can see that the images can be resized to different sizes as you chose. And the difference in dimensions on the image above proves that. So if you need to resize your images whether into small, large, medium, phone and custom, just ensure that you have PowerToys installed and you can utilize Image Resizer.


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