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Many people work on their PCs more and even at times find a hard time replying to some of their important chats on WhatsApp. Why? Because they find it tedious to reach their phones, then open WhatsApp to reply to their chats. Well, this should not be the case anymore since you can now open your chats directly on your PC.

Opening your WhatsApp on your Laptop/PC

The guide below will work you through the process and get you connected. However, you also need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone. If you do not have one, just go play store on your phone and find WhatsApp that suits your android/iPhone etc.

1. Open WhatsApp Web on your laptop Browser

No matter the browser you are using, whether opera mini, google chrome or Microsoft edge, you can still get to web WhatsApp. Once you open it, you will be met with a code that needs scanning as follows;

Step 2. Go to your phone’s WhatsApp and open settings

In order to link your phone chats to display on WhatsApp web on your laptop’s browser, you need to go to WhatsApp settings on your phone, and open it. Then, proceed to browse the options provided.

Step 3. Click on WhatsApp web on your phone and scan the code

When you opened WhatsApp web on your browser, a code is displayed. just like in step 1. Proceed to step 2, then step 3, in order to get the QR scanner on your phone. Position your phone with its camera facing the code, and you will have successfully opened your WhatsApp on your PC. This will be the final result;


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