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When it comes to relationship issues, there are so many factors that can cause it to end. However, besides other triggers like lack of commitment and some other misunderstandings, the most common issue that can bring forth the end in a relationship is cheating. Cheating aids in the sabotaging of trust that existed between a couple, it shatters the hope that someone had regarding some individual on spending the future together. And, where there is no trust then there is no love and without love there is no reason to continue with the relationship. Most people in relationships, usually feel that something is not quite right in their relationship when one starts to cheat, but, due to being naive to losing their partner, they suppress the gut feeling and thoughts of being cheated on. Instead of confronting their partners head on regarding what is going on, they just allow the issue to slide by. There are so many ways that you can know that your partner is cheating and here are a few;

1. Your partner starts to conduct secret phone conversations

If you have been in a relationship where each one of you is open to the other, you most certainly have received calls while beside your partner, text people without making it secretive to your partner because you had nothing to hide. However, when things start to change and you suspect your partner to be having an affair with somebody else, you would notice them leaving the room when somebody calls, blocking you from accessing any of their text messages, changes their passwords from the ones you knew before and even carry their phones to places such as the bathroom and the toilet. Of which you have every reason to suspect them.

2. You realize that your partner has been eyeballing a lot lately

In a good relationship, your partner should appreciate you for who you are and find you to be the most attractive despite your flaws. However, you ought to suspect your partner if you caught their eyes wandering often when an attractive individual passes by. This means that they are more infatuated by other individuals other than you. If a person is more interested in checking other people out, it shows that they are open to “getting to now them better” if they had the chance. You can only notice these few signs when you are with them, in other cases, they have the ability to do a lot worse when you are not around.

3. They start to judge you in everything you do

A cheating partner always try to find justifications for what they are doing. To justify their cheating, they try to show you that you are not enough, you are not doing anything right, you bore them, and even that you are not treating them right even when your conscience is clear. When this behavior arises, then they must be having an affair with somebody else whom they are trying to defend by showing you that they are better than you in all areas. When this happens, never think that you are the worst, if they do not appreciate you for who you are, then they do not deserve you at all. Cut them off before they ruin your life, by lowering your self esteem and driving you crazy.

4. Increased affection to cover their tracks

Most cheating individuals would try everything possible to prevent their partners from knowing about their affairs. Some would go to greater lengths of exaggerating their love for you so that you do not suspect anything. There are is that love that you have been comfortable with since your relationship started, but, at the course of relationship, your partners affection to you is exaggerated to the point that you feel uncomfortable because you are not used to it. At the onset of this, try to dig deeper so that you can find the real reason that triggered this behavior and you might be surprised to find out that your partner is cheating.

5. Still in contact with people from past relationships

In any new relationship, the first rule is usually to cut all contact with your ex. This rule makes much more sense than you can imagine, an ex, is a person you were once in a relationship, an individual you shared love with, feelings, ideas, a bed and even a person that you trusted. Being in contact with this person can make any individual vulnerable to igniting the past feelings, and when this happens the worst could follow. When your partner is still in contact with their ex, it could mean that they are encouraging the re-ignition of what existed before.

6. Varied and up-normal intimacy levels

In order to shield you from the truth, a cheating partner would try and increase intimacy levels from the ones you are used to. Again, when they are being satisfied somewhere else, the levels would drastically drop, because there would be less energy reserved for you. Another aspect that you should look out for when you are suspicious about your partner, is the different positions that start to emerge when you are in the bedroom. They could have adopt that from the partner they are having an affair with.

7. A cheating past

When you want to commit to an individual, it is good to have some information on why their last relationship ended. If cheating had been the cause of the relationship failure, then be on the look out so that you do not end up a victim. Find ways to reason with them, let them give you assurance that this time its different, but how? Whenever your gut starts to give you the feeling of the same instance being repeated, then trust it and confront them.

8. Love for odd topics

Since you have known your partner, you have learnt of what they love and what is a no no to them. When your partner is cheating you would find that they have started to develop certain interests in the things that they used to hate before. For someone who used not to love cats, you would hear them bring up a topic about how cats are the cutest creatures ever. This should be a red flag, because it could be they are trying to find ways to please the partner they are having an affair with.

9. They try and frustrate you

A cheater would try and find ways to make you quit your relationship so that you can provide space for their new partner to hop in. One way an individual can frustrate you is by criticizing everything about you, your cooking, body shape and size, attire and even the way you walk.

10. Frequent changes in the schedule

A cheating partner especially with a coworker, would always stay late at work so that they can find time to romanticize with their new catch. They would even go to the extend of lying about a business trip so that they can get away with their new lover. Cheaters are also known for often cancelling the plans you made with and blaming it on the too much work they had in their job.

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