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On this tutorial, we will look at how to install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware Workstation. Deepin Linux is a Debian based distribution, it is available for various Linux distros like, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Manjaro and Fedora. Deepin Linux is dedicated to providing a safe, amazing, easy to use and dependable Operating System. As at the time this article is published, Deepin Linux 20.x is the latest version of this Linux distribution. With Deepin Linux, you get to access the many features including the following;

  • You get to access a brand new app store with better end user experiences
  • Comes with a secure boot support
  • Provides a stable and powerful kernel

Install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware Workstation

This tutorial will guide you on how to install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware Workstation. The process below will be comprehensive enough to ensure a successful installation on your end. Ensure that you follow keenly to the end of the article.

Step 1. Download Deepin Linux 20.x ISO

Before you begin the installation of Deepin Linux, you need to first download the ISO image onto your system. To do so, visit the Deepin Linux page then use the sourceforge to download the ISO image. You can also use Bittorent or the ISO repository. Allow for the download to finish and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Right Click on VMware Workstation on your System

Once the download is complete, right click on VMware workstation so as to launch it. Then tap on the option of Virtual Machine Library, on the window that appears a the top left section, tap on + sign and select NEW so as to create a new Virtual Machine. Just like as shown;

Then proceed as shown below;

Step 3. Select the Installation Method

On this next step, you need to select the option you will use to install Deepin Linux 20.x distribution. For our case, we are going to install from disc or image then tap on continue to proceed to the next level. Which is where you select the ISO image of the Linux distribution that you intend on using, then click open to add, once added, the image will appear on the next window.

Just like as shown in the image below, our Deepin Linux ISO image has been added and is now appearing on the window as shown below. Tap on continue to proceed.

Step 4. Choose the Operating System & Firmware Type

For our case, since we are dealing with Deepin Linux, we ought to choose Linux and Debian for that is where it is based. On the section of Firmware type, for this instance, we choose Legacy BIOS.

NB/ Before you proceed to tap on Finish, ensure that you tap on customize settings, this is to help you change the allocated Hard disk capacity. For Deepin Linux, at least 64GB of Hard disk space is required for its installation. Ensure not to proceed with the allocated 20GB as you will have to remove the already installed Deepin Linux and begin its installation again keeping in mind to upgrade the storage capacity. Just like as shown;

Once this is done, confirm the settings made and then proceed to click Finish and the save it as you like, for our case, we named it Deepin Linux.

Step 5. Install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware Workstation

Now let’s proceed to install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware Workstation. Once Deepin Linux has been booted onto the live environment. Select the language, then agree to the terms and conditions then proceed with the installation on the VMware Workstation. Just like in the image below;

You will also be asked to provide the username, name of the PC and the password. Do it as you want it to appear, for our case the name is [email protected]:~$

Step 6. Update, Upgrade and Reboot Deepin Linux

Once you have managed to successfully install Deepin Linux 20.x on VMware, you can take a snapshot of the system(snapshot-1) then, ensure that you upgrade, update and reboot Deepin Linux. To do so, use the commands below;

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo reboot

Once all this is done, you can also take another snapshot and name it snapshot-2. We will be updating you on other posts regarding Deepin Linux, however you can check out one of our posts on how to install MX Linux on either VirtualBox or VMware.

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