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Bluejeans is a cloud-based application that helps you to maximize the use of video, audio and web conferencing. It cuts across meetings, interviews and even trainings virtually. You can learn more about Bluejeans here.

Features of Bluejeans

  • Allows you to join or host Bluejeans meetings
  • Allows you to share your desktop screen with other participants
  • You can access HD video as well as use Dolby voice audio

Looking at the above features, it is a clear indication of an ought to have application.

Install Bluejeans on Windows 10

Below is a step by step process that will help you successfully install the Bluejeans app.

Step 1: Download Bluejeans installation file

Here, you need to go to your web browser on download Bluejeans, you will get the app. Just like as shown below;

Hit on download depending on the type of Operating System you are using. For our case, click download Bluejeans for Windows.

Step 2: Install Bluejeans on Windows 10

To use the app, you have to install it on your operating system, so to do so, click on the downloaded application(BluejeansInstaller) and you will see the installation process start. Just as shown;

Step 3: Open the Bluejeans app and browse its usage

Once the installation is done, open the application and you will see that it is ready for usage. This what you will see;

Choose your preference and go ahead and use the Bluejeans app on your Windows 10.


Aside Zoom, this is also an app that you can use virtually for meetings and other cloud based purposes you want to undertake.

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