The how to install android studio on Windows process is quite easy. On this article, we are going to look at the steps of the installation to the end. Android studio is a software used for android app development. It is equipped with some of the fastest tools used in app development, it is written in Java and developed by JetBrains’.

Install Android Studio on Windows

The following will guide you to the end;

  • Step 1. Download the Android Studio File

To do so, visit the android studio downloads page and get the one made for Windows, then ensure that you accept the terms and conditions;

  • Step 2. Double click on the downloaded android studio .exe file

Once the download is complete, double click on it to open installation wizard.

  • Step 3. Follow the installation wizard to the end

You will be met by a window that pops up for you to begin the installation on your system.

  • Step 4. Choose the components you want to install and tap next
  • Step 5. Browse the location to install Android Studio with free space of up to 500MB
  • Step 6. Install Android Studio components

On this step before you tap on install, ensure that you maintain the default name of the folder where the shortcuts will be. You can as well change it to one you like.

  • Step 7. Finish the Android Studio installation on Windows

To do this, tap on finish on the next window;

Once you tap on finish, you will be met by an android studio logo, which shows the installation is complete, then you can begin its set up.

Once you successfully install android studio on Windows, you can start to configure it;

Android Studio set up configuration

  • Click next on the welcome wizard
  • Choose the standard install type then click next
  • Choose the UI theme that you feel suits you, either darcula or light
  • Click Finish to download all SDK components
  • Click also on finish once all the components have been downloaded
  • Android Studio is now ready for use

If you feel lost on configuration set up, the same configuration has been done while installing android studio on Pop!_OS, you can go check it out, as it is well illustrated.

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