Are you shy? Do you find it hard to speak up in a congregation? Is it hard for you to mingle with other people? Do you find it difficult to seek assistance from any individual when you need it? If the answer is yes to all the above questions then you are shy. So many people find it hard to overcome their shy nature. Below are ways in which you can be not shy anymore.

1. Stop focusing on yourself.

When you are with another person, concentrate on them by trying to learn more about them. What they do, how they made it, the steps they followed and where they work at and many more. Focusing on yourself will make you more shy because your weaknesses and comparisons will pop in your mind. Which in turn stimulates fear.

2. Learn to elaborate on your responses.

This is so that you can keep the conversation rolling. If you limit yourself to a yes and no answers you will be giving credit to how shy you are. Learn to be more elaborate and even attach a story to each explanation and with time you will no longer shy from interacting with other people.

3. Be a good listener.

A good listener and attentive one, allows themselves to digest all that has been said and formulate questions for everything said. Being in a position to ask questions helps you to overcome shyness. Furthermore, it helps you concentrate on the other person and not yourself.

4. Believe in yourself.

What brings about fear ranges from fear of being judged, fear of saying the wrong thing and fear of being rejected. If you believe in yourself you are able to come up with sound ideas and decisions which are in no point of being subjected to judgement. Ask yourself that, what is the worst that could happen if I do this?, usually there is nothing worse. As a result you will be prompted to do that which you want to, knowing that nothing worse can happen to you.


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