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Just like Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google has their own cloud storage provider known as google drive. Google drive helps store your files on cloud, so you do not have to worry about their safety especially when your computer breaks down.

Benefits of uploading your files/folders on google drive

  • You get to access your stuff anywhere
  • With googles search ability you can find your files faster
  • You got backup for your files

Uploading files & folders on google drive

This process applies to several files such as audio, documents and even images. There are three ways to upload, they include drag and drop, or manually uploading on google drive’s page.

Step 1. On your computer’s browser, go to google drive

To get to google drive, type and you are in. Just like as shown below;

Step 2. Click on + New at the top left on google drive

At the top left of your google drive, you will see a variety of options listed. Just below the drive icon, their is an option named New, click on it. The image below shows hot it is done;

Step 3. Go to upload file or folder

On clicking New as described in step 2, a list of options will appear under it. Among the options, you can create a new folder by clicking on folder, you can upload file or folder depending the option that you choose. Just as shown;

Step 4. Choose and upload the file or folder

Whatever the option you click on, you have to find the file or folder you want to upload then upload. When you hit upload file, it will direct you where your files are, then from there you can choose from the list the file you want to upload to google drive.

NB/ It is usually good to create a new folder first on google drive especially when you are trying to upload files, so that you do not get them mixed up.

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