Breaking up with your partner tends to hurt so much especially when you have been together for so long. I remember a friend of mine, who had been with this guy X for about 3 good years, then due to the boyfriend’s infidelity, the lady had to leave him. Things did not go well for her, she had to struggle to move on because she used to love the guy so much. There are times she could not even eat leave alone to take a bath. As her friend I tried everything possible to ensure she was okay. After a period of 6 months, she became herself again of which I was happy for the improvement.

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When it comes to dealing with a break up, nobody knows how to deal with it at the time. It is hard to find something that will calm you down in an instant, because at that moment you feel like a part of your heart has been ripped out of your chest. Actually in most cases, this becomes the most difficult time for you. No one really knows how to act at this time, you just act the way you feel like in an attempt to feel much better. The list below shows some of the tips on how to deal with a break up;

1. Do not hide your feelings

This is not the time to prove you are strong. Yes you could be strong but it is good to mourn. Cry your pain out so that you can ease it. Find the various ways that you can let your pain out and utilize them accordingly.

2. Talk to somebody

Find somebody you know will understand what you are going through and knows what to tell you in such like situations. An example is your mum, a close friend or even your daddy. Talk to somebody you know will not judge you.

3. Cut contact with your ex

However, this might be the hardest thing to do, you need not to engage in any conversation through calls, texts, or any other internet channel with your ex. Do not try to convince them to get back with you or anything at all because this is not your friend at the time. Just fight all the attempt that pulls you to talking to them again, as you will be making things much more complicated.

4. Accept the situation

You got to come in terms with yourself that whatever existed between you and them is now past tense. The more you convince your body that the relationship is over, the more likely you move on easily.

5. Think of your future

Whenever a break up happens, we always tend to forget that we have a life ahead. The most important tip on how to deal with a split is by thinking about your future. Remember that, you are your own definer of your future, and you do not need your ex for that, you have to figure out how to mend your future to the better. Thinking about life ahead, will help bring your mind to the present and start building a brighter future.

6. Quit blaming

For whatever caused the break up, there is no need in reliving the moment and throwing accusations. This will even cause you more hurt, as you will start coming up with non-existent faults that you do mot even have. Learn to love yourself and understand that you are so valuable and deserve better.

Final word

Break ups are bound to happen and it is not because we lack some qualities but because our great future does not have our exes in it. Some things happen in life for a reason and at times, you would hear people give some encouraging speeches on how they grew financially, achieved their goals, found themselves among other awesome experiences after breaking up with their partners.

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