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There is a difference between deactivating a Facebook account and actually permanently deleting it. Depending on an individual’s circumstances, they can decide to pause its usage for sometime so that they can resume later. During this period, your photos, posts, and even your profile is not visible, this goes on for 30 days then your account gets permanently deleted. As a result, to prevent this, you need to get back online before the 30 days elapse.

Deactivating your Facebook Account

The procedure below will guide you into getting your Facebook account deactivated temporarily.

Step 1. Click on the downfacing arrow at the top right on your Facebook page

Hitting the downfacing arrow gives you a range of options to browse. Just as shown below;

Step 2. Hit the Settings and Privacy option, followed by settings

The moment you select the settings and privacy option, for you to proceed to the next step, you also need to choose the settings option provide on the next step. Check the fgure below;

Step 3. Browse on Your Facebook Information option, then deactivation and deletion

On clicking on the settings option, its menu will appear on the left part of your Facebook page. Check for Your Facebook Information then click on it. Just as follows;

Step 4. Select the Deactivate account, then continue to Account Deactivation

ON this section, you are offered two options, Deactivate account or Delete Account. Our main aim here s to deactivate not delete. Choose the Deactivate account option, then proceed to click on Continue to Account Deactivation. The image below shows the process;

Once you are done with this, follow the next instructions to proceed with the account deactivation.


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