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Most people during the corona season have been tasked with hosting meetings with their clients, colleagues or even undertaking interviews for new recruits. This has actually been the real deal for many companies recently. Having installed your zoom app on your desktop or laptop all you have to do is utilize its usage.

Below are the most easy steps you can follow to successfully create and host a zoom meeting;

Step 1. Sign in to your installed Zoom app

Here, you need to use your email account and password to sign in. Just as shown below;

Remember to also activate keep me signed in, if you are a frequent user of zoom.

Step 2. Click on Meetings

Since your main aim was to create or rather host a meeting, hit on meetings, the highlighted part on the image below;

Step 3. Hit on the Plus option then schedule meeting on Zoom

This gives you the option to create a new meeting. The plus and schedule meeting as shown in the image below;

Step 4. Explore the options on the Meetings section

Once you hit on the meeting icon, you will be offered so many options. And depending on how or when you want to have your meeting, you just have to select the options that suits you. Some of the options highlighted on the picture below, represent a few of the commonly used options;

  • If you intend on hosting a meeting that is going to recur, ensure that you tick on the recurring meeting option
  • On the Security option, choose one that suits you as explained
  • For Video, you can choose to turn it On or Off, same as on the participants section
  • For Calendar, choose the one you are using, so that you get a reminder each time you have a meeting

Note: Ensure that you save the changes before you quit the page.

Hit on start once it reaches the meeting scheduled time, as shown;

Step 5. Click on copy Invitation if you want to Invite other participants

Once you copy the invitation, you can send them the link via email, so that the people you sent the invitation to can also join.


As you can see, creating a zoom meeting is not hard. You just have to follow the steps above and you are good to go.

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