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At times on your Windows system you get an alert that your OneDrive space is not enough. Which gets you wondering what is your OneDrive storage capacity. Many people usually do ask themselves this question, and thus the purpose of the article below.

OneDrive in simpler terms is a cloud storage service designed by Microsoft so as to facilitate files, folders and data synchronization with other devices. As a result of this, it enables a user to check and even work on their files anywhere. As they are not limited by their location, hey can access their accounts at any setting/place.

Checking your OneDrive Storage Capacity

The process of knowing how much storage capacity your OneDrive has is quite easy. You can check the following steps to ascertain that.

Step 1. Sign in to OneDrive

To find the settings option, you need to sign in to your OneDrive. Input your email address or rather if you do not have a OneDrive account you can click on create one to acquire one. Just as follows;

Step 2. Click on the Settings Icon

Once you sign in, your OneDrive window will appear. This contains all the stuff in your OneDrive. Go to the top right corner of the window then click on settings. Just as shown;

Step 3. Hit Options on the Settings Menu

Once you click on settings, a few choices will appear. Click on one labeled Options.

Step 4. Browse Manage Storage

The moment you click on options, manage storage will appear. On the right part of the window navigation bar, you will see some specifications about manage storage. On scrolling down, you will see the total space of your OneDrive and how much you have used. Just as highlighted below;


This is actually the easiest and one of the quickest ways you can be able to view the storage capacity of your OneDrive as well as how much is remaining and that which you have used.

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