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You can actually change your password on Pop!_OS using two methods. The first one is while using the terminal and the other is through the Graphics User Interface of Pop!_OS or rather Ubuntu. When you are a beginner and starting out on Linux distros, there are so many mistakes you can make. For example setting your password to be as complicated as possible.

Well, one thing you do not realize is that there are so many times that you will be needed to type in the password when on the terminal of a Linux environment. Thus making it so hard for you trying to navigate between letters, symbols and numbers that your password contains. So, immediately you have been introduced into the world of sudo, you begin to realize that you really need to change the admin password to something more easier to type in. Hence the essence of this piece.

Option 1. Change your Password on Pop!_OS via Terminal

The method of using the terminal to get your password change is actually one of the easiest and shortest you can have. Check the steps below;

  • Open Pop!_OS terminal

Head over to the terminal and open it, then type in the command that will enable you to change your password on Pop!_OS. Just use the following command;


This is how it will appear on the terminal;

  • You need to provide the current password
  • Then provide the new password, they want you want to change it to

As you can see, the image above shows that the password has been updated successfully.

Option 2. Change your Password on Pop!_OS using GUI

  • If you do not want to use commands nor the terminal while changing your password on Pop!_OS, you can as well use the GUI(Graphics User Interface). To do this tap on activities then the icon for show applications.
  • Search for settings then tap on it
  • Tap on Users, then click on the section where the current password is, and a new window will pop up, that prompts you to change the password by providing the current password than a new one. Jus like as shown on the image below;

Once you type what is needed, just tap on change on the small window shown and your password will be changed.

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