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Many people often have more than one email account, and usually have a problem of having to log out another then enter the next to log in. This can be made way easier by adding another account besides their main email account. This will allow you to manage all accounts and for better switching purposes. This often plays a key role, when maybe you are trying to reply mails sent on another email account other than the one currently in use.

Adding another User Account on your email

Hello people! Please follow the steps below and you will successfully add another user account;

Step 1. Sign in to your Gmail Account

To sign in to your account, type in on your browser or use the link. This will bring you to your Gmail account as follows;

You need to click on the Gmail icon which in my case is V depending on your first name, this will give you a menu where you will see add another account. Click on it also then proceed to the next step.

You can also create an email account if you do not have one, so that you can proceed with the process.

Step 2. Put in the new Gmail Account you want to add

On this page, ensure that you put in the new account you want to add on your Gmail account. Then click on next to proceed to the next step. Just like as shown;

Step 3. Enter the password and a verification will be sent to the email’s owner for confirmation

The verification is to make sure the owner knows, that you are signing in to their email account.

Once the user of the Gmail account you added verifies that they know of the sign in, the Gmail account you indicated will be automatically added to your list of Gmail accounts you can browse or rather sign in to.

You can also use this process to add a Gmail you just created, say for work purposes etc.

Step 4. Check if the New email has been added

To do this, go back to your google account, just like in step 1, click on the Gmail icon and check if the account has been added. Just like as shown below;

For our case, the last Gmail account was not there before in step 1, but in our final step it is available, showing that we have successfully added another account.


You can keep on adding other accounts as you wish, but for better management, add a reasonable number. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions via our email account provided.


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