Poor self esteem is not one of the best aspects that an individual should have. Poor self respect, lack of confidence and contentment in self is imbued with low self esteem. All the above virtues lead to more adverse life experiences. Here are some of the consequences associated with poor self esteem;

1.It can lead to repressed anger and pain

Poor self esteem renders you futile and with a feeling of judgement from those around you. You get a feeling that nobody cares for you nor how you feel thus leading to inner bitterness.

2. You miss a chance with a lifetime partner

When you incorporate low self esteem in a relationship, it will never grow nor last. The reason being on the wake of poor self esteem, arises insecurities such as not deserving the partner in question, trust issues which will lead to rampant conflicts and complains. Any individual would get tired of such issues and give up on the relationship. Check; Marry someone who does the following.

3. People will trample on you

The feeling of worthlessness leads you to settle for less even if you have the qualifications to have more. Nobody will respect an individual who does not respect themselves. People will always take advantage of you, using you for their own self gain because they know that you can do anything for them. Check; Types of people to keep

4. Health deterioration due to lack of self care

Low self esteem makes it simple for you to neglect the important aspects that bring about your well being. You will not put in the consideration your health and thus settling for poor sleep patterns, poor nutrition and drug abuse and misuse. All these will cause you health problems such as obesity, hear diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

5. Stagnating in one level as a result of decreased emotional resilience

Due to poor self esteem, you do not have the energy to spring back from an adverse occurrence. Take for example you failed on the first attempt of the project, the lack of motivation to make another attempt leaves you in one level for a long time.

6. Fear to try out new things thus missing out on new opportunities

Life has got so many opportunities to be grasped. However it needs the vigorous and fierce to grab them. With low self esteem, you feel that you got nothing to offer and that there is nothing that you can work on and succeed. All these negativity shields you from venturing into new things.

7. You will never get the chance to challenge your abilities

Self loathing as a result of poor self esteem makes you hate everything about yourself. You do not even trust the ideas that comes to your mind and degrade your abilities.



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