Love is a beautiful thing, the feeling of it is so indescribable. Everyone at the course of their lifetime must have had a chance to love or be loved. Love is nurtured it does not just blossom instantly, you gotta add some spices.

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Below are some of the songs that would accelerate your heartbeat if someone dedicated them to you.

1. When you say nothing at all by Renan Keating

The beauty of a song is when you listen to its lyrics. This song describes the love you have for another and of how understand one another by just looking at their eyes and the smiles. This song shows the extent of mature love.

2. I will be right here waiting for you by Richard Marx

The song describes our crazy you are for your partner and willing to go through a storm to ensure that your love blossoms. If you happen to dedicate his song to your partner, they will feel nothing but special and lucky to have you by their side. this plays a key role in bringing about confidence in your love life.

3. Nothing is gonna change my love for you by George Benson

This is among the best special love songs to play for your partner. The song ignites all the emotions in your partner’s body. It describes how you cant live without the other, you would consider the world empty if they were not by your side.

4. Hello my love by Westlife

The song describes the love of your life that you have been waiting for so long. Tells your partner how they are the right one to you and how perfect they are.


Love makes up our daily lives and without this element we would feel so empty. It does not matter the kind of love we get whether from our siblings, parents, spouses and many more, love is love and is very essential to everyone because it makes us feel happy and not lonely.


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