Health is the most essential factor in our day to day lives. It can either work for our best and also for the worst. For an individual to carry on well with their daily routines, they ought to be very healthy. The reason why so many diseases affect most people today is because of the lifestyle the people have nowadays ranging from eating habits, lack of exercises and so on.The good thing is that it is upon us to shape our health, when you decide to be careless with it, its your choice and the vice versa is true. You would find that many individuals find it difficult to keep their health on track, however, there are a few very simple tips that can help you stay healthy. Some of those tips include the following;

1. Drinking adequate amount of water

The most recommended amount of water that should be taken by an individual in a day is 8 glasses. Water has got a lot of benefits in a person’s body, it assists in food digestion, helps the body to get hydrated and even aid in weight loss. On this note, lets delve into how water is essential in the well-being of some body parts.

  • Kidney; This part of the body has got many roles, absorption of nutrients, maintaining the PH among others. Water helps in flushing out bacteria through urine thus preventing the development of kidney stones as well as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) which are more evident in women than in men. Once you start feeling that burning sensation, it could be a sign of UTI, you need to take a lot of water and you will realize that it works wonders and eventually the UTI will disappear. However, if it doesn’t then consult a doctor.
  • Promotes digestion; Water is an essential element for metabolism thus helping in digestion of food by breaking down food and aiding nutrients absorption.
  • Rejuvenates the skin; Water helps in hydrating the skin thus getting rid of old cells and encouraging the growth of new ones. The water also helps the skin from becoming scaly.

Having adequate water in your body does not necessarily entail having a glass of it, you can obtain water from fruits such as melon, citrus and oranges.

2. Use pepper frequently

Pepper is among the best food additives. What most people do not know is that black pepper is more than a food additive but has got several other nutrients including vitamin A, E, K, C, B6 among others. Pepper has several other roles in the human body and they include the following;

  • Wrestling depression; Some of the effects of depression include memory loss and poor brain functioning. Pepper contains piperine which is among the excellent elements that help in alleviating brain functioning as well as memory. Frequent intake of pepper will help fight depression.
  • Promotes digestion; Pepper stimulates the production of the acid essential for digestion in the body and also brings about removal of toxins through sweating and urination.
  • Promotes weight loss; If you need to cut the extra pounds, pepper is just the thing for you. It helps in breaking down the fat cells thus enhancing metabolic rate.
  • A remedy for coughs and sore throat; Pepper when mixed with honey works wonders for your body. It helps to reduce the symptoms associated with breathing system issues.
  • Promotes a healthy heart; Heart attacks and other heart complications are mainly caused by too much cholesterol that build up in the arteries. Pepper helps in breaking down these cholesterol thus freeing you from any heart issues.

Other benefits of pepper include, ulcer treatments, skin rejuvenation, eases the pain for arthritis, prevents gray hair from growing and even relieving toothache pains.

3. Use onions frequently.

Onion is among the best and mostly used food ingredients. It gives the food a nice taste and smell. Apart from this, onions have diverse health benefits and they include;

  • Help in digestion; Onions are very rich in fiber and prebiotics which promote digestive system health and digestion.
  • Have antibacterial properties; Most diseases in the body are caused by bacteria, the properties that the onion contains help in fighting the diseases in the body.
  • Reduces blood sugar; Individuals with diabetes can find a natural remedy for their blood sugar regulation in their bodies.

These are not the only benefits, prevention of heart diseases, killing of cancer cells among others are the health advantages that one can get from frequently consuming onions.

4. Avoid excessive fatty foods

Fatty foods are high in cholesterol and fats, they can cause heart diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke among other health problems. What am trying to say is that foods with excess fats are the root cause of most of the diseases in our bodies.

5. Avoid excess salt

Salt is good for our food, however, too much of it is bad for our health. Excess salt can cause heart diseases and stroke through the stiffening of the blood vessels. Damage can also be done to the kidney through high consumption of salt. In case you are a salt lover please consider cutting on it.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking has never been good for our health. If you do not aspire to damage your lungs and throat or rather the respiratory system then please consider quitting the habit before it is too late. One of the most important system in the body is the breathing system, damage to it can lead to fatal consequences.

7. Increase legume consumption during menstruation

Green peas, beans and other legumes are a rich source of vitamin B, they aid in preventing menstrual fatigue and cramps. Also dark green vegetables which are rich in vitamin K helps in blood coagulation and reduce excessive bleeding.

8. Avoid cold foods

Cold food to most people causes bloating and constipation. This is because they encourage building up of the intestinal gas which in turn fills the stomach. Cold foods can also cause sore throats and by avoiding them you will be able to reduce body upsets associated with them.

9. Get adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is good for proper brain functioning as well as preventing sore eyes. Research shows that enough sleep also promotes efficient digestion in the body.

10. Indulge in physical exercise

Exercises are essential for effective body functioning as it helps in proper blood circulation all over the body.


Good health is an aspect that should be maintained. The above tips are easy to keep up with on our daily lives and also contribute to healthy lives. I hope this will be helpful to anyone reading it.

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