There is so much time in a year, there are months, then weeks then days. Having eight hours to work a day is so much, you can achieve a lot with the right determination and focus. However, many people do not know how to manage their time well and end up wasting valuable time. There are so many ways to grasp new opportunities out there, but only a few people do that, others just keep doing some non constructive stuff. Below are among the many things that people do and end up wasting their whole life.

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1.Being best friends with all the social platforms

The social media is an addictive area and you need to cut off ties with it if you need to move on. It can make you do nothing constructive for the whole day because the moment you wake up and start browsing in the internet it becomes so hard for you to stop. You just allow it to drive you around and the end of the day you would have made no progress. You can then manage your time well and stop wasting your life, the moment you begin to minimize the time you spend in the social platforms.

2.Not putting goals in place

What drives most successful people in life are the goals that they set for themselves. When you lack goals, the attempt of getting out of bed alone becomes a problem. The reason for this is due to lack of motivation to get back to work. However, when goals are in place you never waste your precious time nor life, but give priority to achieving the goals at hand.

3.You always long for the weekends

Have you been a victim of looking forward to the weekends so much that you forget that there are days in between the week that need to be utilized? When your mind is so focused on the coming weekend, you are most likely able to make yourself busy doing nothing just for the sake of passing the days. If, on most occasions you are a victim of pushing the days waiting for the weekend then certainly you have been wasting a whole lot of your life.

4.You settle for less

Any individual that knows their value and works effortlessly towards their goals would never agree to settling for less because they know the hard work that they have had to put in for them to achieve something. However, when you find yourself always settling for something less it means that there was no much effort put in place for that project to work. Of which tells me that you have been doing nothing but wasting your time and bringing no progress to your life.

5.Your life is aimed at making others happy

If in everything that you do, you feel that you want to make others happy then you are a lost cause. Life is all about you and yourself, do not go around trying to please people who are also busy working on their dreams. Trying to make others happy could render you following a dream not meant for you which in the end brings you lost hopes. All this time that you are trying to please people, time flies and you will not be able to recover it once you come to your senses.



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