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Email is a service that allows one to send a message over the internet. To Cc on an email means carbon copy, this is where, aside from the main receiver of the email you are formulating, you are involving other individuals on the recipients section. This is with the aim of ensuring that the people you Cc also know about the email you sent.

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Email is one of the most reliable form of communication, easy to use and cheap as long as there is an internet connection. You can however, use email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail and Calendar or Spike which stores your mails on your computer hence do not need an internet connection to access them.

Features of Email

  • Subject, which is the description of what is in the email
  • Sender, the one writing the email
  • Recipient (To), the one to which the email is being written to
  • Cc, the people aside the main receiver, whom you want to also see the mail
  • Body, this is the email itself
  • Attachment, these are the files or docs that you want to pin to the mail

How to Cc on an Email

The process below will guide you on how you can send and Cc an email to other individuals by including their email accounts on the receivership section.

Step 1. Open your Email

To use email, ensure that you open your account if you have one. It could be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other. Login to it and utilize. If you do not have one, set it up it.

Step 2. Compose an Email

On your email account, click on compose to open a window that you will write your email on.

This will open an Email window, this is where you will write your mail.

Fill in all the parts of the mail.

Step 3. Cc your Mail

If you want to Cc your mail, the image below will show you how to. You will see that, on the recipient section(To) to the far end on the right, there is a CC and BCC.

Tap on where it is indicated CC, the you can add other recipients of the mail you have composed, then tap on send. All the recipients indicated will get your mail.


For Cc, the other recipients will know that someone else has been sent the mail they just received. However with (BCC) Blind Carbon Copy, the other recipients will not know that the mail has been sent to other people except their individual selves only. So, in case, you want someone to thin they are the only one to have been sent the mail, yet you carbon copied to other recipients, use BCC.

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