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Wi-Fi hotspot saved passwords can easily be accesses on Windows 10 especially while using command line. Whenever you log in to any Wi-Fi hotspot, the password is saved on your computer or phone, depending on the device you logged in with. In Windows 10, you can actually retrieve the Wi-Fi passwords from the command Line. As shown in the procedure below;

Finding Wi-Fi Hotspot Saved Password in Windows 10 from Command Line

The process of finding the Wi-Fi hotspot passwords is easy. You just have to use command prompt, use some code and you are good to go. The guide below will successfully help you find those passwords, just follow it to the latter.

Step 1. Type cmd on the search bar to access Command Prompt

On your Windows 10 search bar at the bottom left of your screen, type cmd and you will see command prompt popping on a new window. Just as follows;

Step 2. On the Command Prompt choose Run as Administrator

Before you open the command prompt, ensure that you choose the option run as administrator. Then click run as administrator.

Step 3. Show the Wi-Fi networks you are connected to

To be able to see the Wi-Fi networks you are connected to, type netsh wlan show profile on the command prompt window the press enter. By ding this, al the Wi-Fi networks will be listed.

Step 4. Change the Location of the Wi-Fi networks

This will help you access them easily. Since at times you do not know where they are located. Use netsh wlan export profile folder=c:\ key=clear. All your password related files will be saved on your C drive. However, you can change it to any drive you like.

Step 5. Go to your C: drive and open individual networks

When you go to your C drive or whichever drive you chose to store your Wi-Fi networks, you will find them all listed. Open the one you are interested in knowing their password. Like as follows;

Once you have located all the Wi-Fi connections on drive C:, proceed to check for their passwords by opening them individually.

Example; We want to know the password for Techie Hub Wi-Fi network; Here, you need to right click on techie hub, then click open. Once you have opened the file, search for key material and there you will be met by the password of that Wi-Fi network.


Using the guide above, you can easily get all your saved passwords with no complications.


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