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It is very important to know how to find folder path on file explorer. Many at times when you want to force delete a folder from CMD. This is the one that you will use while executing force delete, so to be sure not to delete other things you did not intend to, you ought to learn how to find the folder path on Windows. The article below will help you do the necessary changes on your folders so that you do not have to go through a lot while locating their path.

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Find Folder Path on File Explorer

Follow the steps below to the latter and you are good to go;

  • Step 1. Open File Explorer

Your file explorer is often on your task bar. Open it so that you can access your folders from there.

  • Step 2. Tap View, then Options

On the top part of your file explorer you will see an option for view, tap on it then proceed to click on options at the top far right of the file explore, just as shown;

  • Step 3. Change Folder and Search Options

When you tap on options, the instruction above will appear. Tap on it also.

  • Step 4. Click on View to open more options

A window will open up with 3 options at the top, general, view and search. Tap on view so as to reveal many other options.

  • Step 5. Click on Apply to all folder, then Check the box for display the full path on the title bar and finally click apply for the changes to take effect

Choose the options above. Here you will need to scroll down and then check(tick) the box for display the full path on the title bar. Check below;

  • Step 6. Tap OK to close the window
  • Step 7. To get the file path, just choose any folder, then on the top part of the file explorer, tap on copy path. Just like as shown below;

And just like that, you will have located your folder path.

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