I am quite certain most of you have heard some say, ‘I was not to marry him/her, thought they were going to change.’ Well, if someone got some bad attributes, and they do not change while you are dating, you are at fault here. Yes, some change while others do not. Well, before taking any step in any relationship, be sure that you want to do it so that in the end you do not regret. Below are some of the mistakes that people tend to overlook that could cost them dearly in the future.

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1. Ignoring abuse

Any kind of abuse should not be tolerated in a relationship. The reason being, it shows that the person does not value you. Be with someone who cares about your feelings and is there to build you and not destroy you. Whether emotional or physical abuse, you need to look out for such, so that you do not suffer where you are meant to rejoice. A person who loves would never lay a hand on you nor hurt you emotionally.

2. Cheating

Well, if you really love them, and decide to give them a second chance. Do not allow them to take that for a weakness. In any case, there is no justification for cheating. So, if someone is cheating on you often, I do not think that person got your best interest at heart nor do they respect you. Ensure that an individual is faithful and adores you, then you can move ahead with them.

3. Allowing disrespect

Getting to know that someone respects you in a relationship is one of the best things you can get. Find a person who is honest, listens to you, heeds your opinions, and respects your boundaries. However, if someone is always rude to you, full of dishonesty and wants to make all decisions by themselves, you need to look into it.

4. Unsupportive partner

Relationships are all about improving each other, so if someone is trying to demean you and stop you from chasing your goals, that person is not good for you. Be with someone who pushes you to your potential and encourages you when things do not go well.

5. Ignores problems

You need someone who when there is an issue, they try and solve it. If an individual keeps overlooking conflicts, they will keep bruising you gradually. Because if you are not okay, you need to talk it with your partner and find a solution for an issue bothering you.


There are so many other things to look out for, the above are just a sample. Anything you feel is not right with your partner, ensure that you try and solve if possible so that it does not get to you in the future.



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