Everyone is the judge of their life. How they live it, who they interact with, what career they want to do, the people they love and many more. The decision on how you live your life lies with you. However, there are some things in life that no matter what you do, you can never change, you just have to live by them. They include the following;

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1. You will never be able to figure it all out

There is not one person that has ever admitted to know it all. Everyone can live life they way they want it, but there is not one time that you get to figure it all out. No matter how perfect your life is, you never know all the answers to everything. You can be the best in your area of expertise but, there are so many other fields out there, that you know nothing about.

2. Everyone fails at some point

There are so many people out there, who have achieved a lot, made big inventions, and even changed the world. However, there is that one point in time that they felt like giving up after several trials, all followed by failures. And one thing that kept them going is the hope of finding a solution.

3. Money never buys everything

Money is good. It changes your level and status. Can buy you good clothes, fancy cars, good houses, good shoes and can give you the life that you have always dreamed of. What many do not understand is that, there are so many rich people out there, who long to spend good times with their families, who long to find love, who want to be happy and even those who wish they could go to different places. They have families but not the time, got money but cannot buy love and have all they could wish for but lack happiness.

4. You will be lonely at some point in life

Everyone experiences this at some point in life. Especially when you are trying to figure out what your purpose in life is and things are not going your way, that is when you realize, you are the only one who can figure that out. And no matter the number of people surrounding you, you seem to be all alone in the world. Everything seems to point back at you in all aspects.

5. You will never be able to please everyone

Even if you have a whole crowd supporting you, never be deceived that everyone is for you. The world is full of haters and pretenders who would vanish out of your life in an instant if anything bad happened to you. No matter what you do, however good it is, there is/are those individuals that will just not like you for no reason. So, in order to keep going, be yourself and ignore the haters.

6. Everyone is unique in their own way

There is a distinct characteristic that each individual has got that separates them from the rest of the world. No matter how alike you are with another person, you can never be the same, the goals you chase are different, how you do it is different, the food you love is unique and how you want to taste them varies. Everything tends to vary from you and everyone else. Just be yourself and know that, there is only one you n the world.

7. Each individual has got their triumph, you just gotta unlock it

Just like how people differ from one another, each individual also has their own shine. There is that one area that once you venture into it, you will be able to witness tremendous breakthrough. Many people before they realize their area of shine, tend to feel lost, but once they unlock that door, everything else falls into place. So, be patient and keep searching for your shine.

8. You can never change your past

The past remains in the past for everyone. Whatever you did can never be undone, but you have the ability to change your future. You can decide to amend your past by doing the best now, so that your future can be brighter. Always aspire to make your tomorrow much better than your yesterday.


Your life is yours, and they way you decide to live it depends on you. However, just because you have the authority over it, you get to waste it, no, learn to make use of it improving yourself. And, as you do that, remind yourself of the above pointers so that you don’t fall victim.

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