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It is quite a journey to find yourself a man of your dreams, that is why, the dating sector is quite a piece of art that needs to be ventured into step by step. This is not something you rush into like going to the bathroom. In any relationship especially for a partner hunt, there are so many things that are at stake, your emotions, mind, heart and body. And, as far as I am concerned the above mentioned things are the most important aspects of your life and future. You need to be cautious before you involve them all in your dating escapade.

Each women/lady always has got the type of guy they want to be involved with at the back of their minds. And, it is the most amazing feeling to have, hoping that you will meet that guy one day or another. The stress steps in when you already kissed far too many frogs yet you haven’t met one that matches the guy in your thoughts. Well, one thing I understand about dating is that it usually takes a lot of time before you get into a commitment with your partner. The reason for this is to get to know your better half more, even if they have some hidden red flags, they would eventually come up. No one can hide a bad character for long you know.

However, when you get into a relationship and immediately get red flags, ensure that you quit as soon as possible, before you get too attached. The most important thing also when it comes to dating is setting your standards right. Show your guy what boundaries they should not cross. This will help in ensuring that they give you the treatment you deserve. Respect is earned on both ends, so you might as well find ways to earn it. The following are some of the common characteristics that real men have;

1. Communicates to you about the future

If you have been dating someone for quite sometime, and in most of your talks you never get to hear them talking to you about the future, then I do not think that they have any plans of committing. Most men that want to have a future with you will often pop the future issue. They tend to talk about what they want their future to be like, what they want to invest in, and where they hope their careers will be in times to come. Do not waste your time with someone whose attention is only in the bedroom. I am not saying that bedroom issues are bad, but a touch of future issues on top makes the whole ordeal desirable.

2. Asks you about your long-term career plans

Despite being able to tell you about their plans, he should also ask about yours. Here, you do not need someone who just cares about their future, yours is also important. If he is planning on committing with you, then the future they are talking about should include you. You need someone who helps to soar you to greater heights, that’s when you know that the person actually cares about you and is mature. An egocentric individual should not be part of the bracket, because it could mean one, they do not plan on spending that future with you, or two, they actually do not care about your goals only theirs.

3. Pledges you full support on what you decide to venture into

Your passion is also important here. You do not need someone who thinks your ideas/career is not worth. A suitable man is one who supports your ideas and adds you other stuff that can help to develop that career much better. Support can help you soar into greater levels, especially when you are yet to commit to someone forever. Forever is a long time, that you wouldn’t want to spend it in solitude.

4. Respect and adores you all the time

You are a gem and deserves to be adored. During the dating, you will get to know how someone treats you. Even if they try and fake it for a few months, they can’t do it much longer. Their true colors will eventually be known. You need to look out to the small hints they give you. Never tolerate disrespect as it brings about unhappiness and eventually lowers your self esteem.

5. Does not harbor serious secrets from you especially about family

In order to know that they are serious about you, they will often tell you about their family members. How many brothers and sisters they have and many more.They should always show an interest in introducing you to them in the near future. These are the things that can actually assure you that you are dating a real man. If they are planning to have you as part of his family, he might as well introduce you to that family you will be joining any time soon.

6. Knows how to manage their anger and not using the situation to do something that could hurt you

Wrangles are common in any relationship and when they happen you better take notes. Does he help solve the situation or rather escalates it? Does he try to reason with you or blames you for the whole situation? And how does he talk to you when he is angry, does he watch his tongue or curses you here and there while using the scene to hurt you? You probably get what am trying to put across here. Do not allow anyone to trample on you, the standards that you set will determine how you are/will be treated.


Learn to get to know an individual first before you get to commit to them. Take time to understand their stand, how they see you, how they behave around you and what they think about. Do not just get into something that you might regret later. Your mind, heart and body are so much important to be wasted on something that brings negative results such as stress and depression. Date an individual who values the whole of you, supports your goals and is happy to have you in their life.

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