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The journey of a parent is not as easy as you may think. Being able to raise kids who are upright in all areas of life is not a joke, there must have been so many unimaginable efforts included there. Well, as a parent, you tend to aspire to raise your kids in the most suitable way. To be able to raise kids who are emotionally healthy, then;

1.Take time to whisper a prayer for them; There is no time that your kids do not need protection. As a parent there are those things that you can do for your children while others are beyond your reach. Learn to always dedicate your kids to God, they will always need His favour, love, protection and grace and many more.

2.Accept they are wrong and ask for forgiveness; As a parent, you should always aspire to be a role model to your kids. Kids always look up to their parents as they grow up and am certain you would not want to be a bad influence to them. Being a parent learn to admit your mistakes and say sorry so that your kids can learn to be honest and responsible.

3.Instill values in their hearts and not their character; When you try to understand how to get through to the heart of your kid, consider yourself victorious because you would have instilled a value that will never be forgotten. Something in the heart cannot be easily removed but a behavior can be forgotten with practice.

4.Encourage your kid to be free and open to you; Let your kids express themselves to you. When they want to talk to you, learn to be available and listen to their pleas.With these, you are able to have kids who are free minded, good listeners and best decision makers.

5.Talk to your kids in a calm and polite way and do not shout; Kids learn a lot from their parents and yelling at them instills fear of expression and disrespect. Talking to them politely encourages them to be free with you and also learn to be polite to everyone that they meet.


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