Relevant; Importance of loving yourself.

1.There are high chances that you will be poor; By not chasing your dreams in order to increase your bank account, the chances of being poor are high. Only those with self love can realize their identity, talents and what interests them. Check; Necessary hobbies in life.

2. You will never be happy; Your happiness can only be generated and maintained by you. Internal happiness cannot be achieved when you loathe yourself and everything about you. Read on; Rules to a happier life.

3. No chance of exploiting your capabilities; As a result of lack of motivation, and energy to attempt new things, you will always miss out on the chances that could change your life.

4.You will often have health problems; Due to lack of self care, you indulge in activities that could sabotage your health for example, drug misuse and abuse, poor eating habits, lack of exercises etc. Due to this, your body becomes vulnerable to heart, liver, lung diseases and cancers.

5. You can easily go into depression when things get hard; Since you are alone and love to hold on to negativity, you are likely to go into depression. Check; Signs that you could be depressed.

6.Your resilience is lowered; When it comes to past mistakes it becomes hard for you to forgive yourself and move on. You love to hold on to the failures you made thus the inability to move from one level to another. Read on; Letting go of grudges.

7. You will always be in solitude; Without self love, you fear interacting with other people because you deem yourself unworthy. Or rather due to fear of rejection. As a result you will have no friends.

8. It becomes hard to find your real identity; People without self love usually try to please others. To do that, they occasionally pretend to be someone they are not to be loved.As a result, it makes it hard for them to find their identity and pursue that which they love. Check; Tips to finding yourself.

9. You attract lack of respect from those around you; People respect you for how you carry yourself, so when you downgrade yourself and act unworthy, most people will disrespect you.


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