In my article on the reasons to why fun is important, I was able to burrow more into the benefits that a person can get when they have fun. However, having dealt on that, there are also repercussions that are associated when you do not engage in fun activities. And, they include the following;

1. You will develop a bad attitude

A bad attitude is often associated with negativity. Lack of fun renders you sad because you do not have the opportunity to express your feelings in a positive way and thus harboring negative thoughts.

2. Makes it hard to let go of grudges

When you do not engage in fun, your mind starts to roam to all the negative things that people ever did to you. At times, some negative thoughts ought to be replaced by positive ones so that you can get rid of them in your mind. However, when you do not have anything that will stimulate positivity in your mind, then the negative thoughts rule over. This makes it hard for you to let go of grudges.

3. It lowers your creativity

Creativity comes about when your mind is active. But when you focus on one thing all day, your mind will be dormant since there is no fun associated with doing the same thing throughout the day. Despite having a job, it is of essence to engage in much more fun activities that will activate your mind.

4. It reduces your focus

Concentration and focus in your brain is gauged with how you utilize your time to feed your brain with things that aids it development. When you engage in boring stuff, you are most likely to make your brain tired thus deteriorating its focus. More fun stuff is what aids your focus.

5. Makes you prone to depression

Depression is often associated with sadness and negativity. You only become sad when the things surrounding you are far from fun making you more vulnerable to attract disappointments. And when these build up, they can result to stress and depression. Fun activities fight negative thoughts and encourages positivity.

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